Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sometimes I...

Sometimes I wonder what the future holds for my childhood best friend and I. Lately I feel like our friendship has started to change and morph into something I'm not quite familiar with. I'm scared what these changes might mean.

Sometimes I need a day of doing absolutely nothing but staying in bed, watching Harry Potter movies, and taking a nap. This hasn't happened yet, but I have a feeling its not too far off.

Sometimes I sit on the front porch with my dog watching it rain. The sense of peace I get from that leaves me  both relaxed and hopeful.

Sometimes I have a friend passing through my small valley and get to have lunch with her and her husband. I only wish the visit could have been longer, but I know that she'll be back soon enough.

Sometimes I watch trashy reality tv and get sucked in. My latest vice is Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami and the final episodes of The Hills. I really need to leave the tv turned off.

Sometimes I wonder if things will ever fall into place for me. I keep trying to be optimistic but some days its really hard.

Sometimes I question  my own abilities.

Sometimes I need to call a time out and take more down time for my own sanity and well being.

Your turn, fill in the blank. Sometimes I _______________________________________.