Monday, July 05, 2010

I'm Lucky

This weekend was full of family and fun, just the way long 4th of July celebrations should be, and of course time slipped away all too fast. I'm exhausted from two days of almost non-stop festivities. I spent a lot of time this weekend realizing how incredibly lucky I am.

I'm lucky because I was able to spend so much time surrounded by extended family and friends.
The main activity of the weekend was a belated celebration for my stepsister and her husband. They quietly married in January, so a picnic on the 4th seemed like an entirely appropriate excuse to get family and friends together to celebrate. We spent the day at a private park with shelters nestled against the hillside. There was too much delicious food, lots of laughs, swapping of stories, and meeting fun new people. I also managed to sneak in a family celebration for one of my younger cousins. He is an aspiring pastry chef even making his  own 12th birthday cake -- a marble (made from scratch) layer cake with chocolate mousse and strawberries covered with chocolate ganache.

I'm lucky in that I get along really well with my step-siblings.
I really enjoy spending time with my stepsister and her husband (and their two adorable dogs).On Saturday night the three of us along with our parents sat on the deck drinking a variety of wines -- pink catawba, rhubarb, and an incredibly decadent chocolate one. As the sun set on my little valley it was a really nice way to unwind and relax.

I'm lucky because I have friends who make life seem not so scary.  
I spent a few hours on the phone with a few very dear friends who helped calm my nerves, made me see the possibilities that lie before me, and reminded me that we're all sort of stumbling through life together often making it up as we go along. They are the sort of friends who remind me that its all going to be ok no matter what life throws at me and that when life does get scary they are only a phone call away.

How did you spend your weekend? Was there anything that made you stop and realize how lucky you are?