Sunday, June 13, 2010

Small Town, USA

My love for my small town fluctuates as of late. Sometimes I drive though town, feeling a desperate need to escape, overwhelmed with a intense desire to flee at a moments notice. There are other times, like this weekend, where I wonder how I could ever live any where else. This weekend I fell back in love with my small town and surrounding valley.

I spent an evening up to my elbows in cherries, squishing them by the handfuls while laughing with my grandpap as he told stories about himself and his buddies as young men getting drunk off of homemade wine. Sharing moments like that with my grandfather, as he shared his recipe for concocting that same homemade wine, literally bowl me over. Saturday I made some memories with friends as we tossed beanbags one handed while balancing red Solo cups filled with a homemade brew designated as our "summer cocktail." Later we attended a concert, sang ourselves hoarse, and raised a glass (or several) to summer. With the wind rolling off the hills and singing under the stars, it officially felt like concert season.

I attended my town's annual soap box derby, cheering on the sidelines with many other members of my family as we watched my youngest cousin steer her car down the course. I spent an afternoon exploring a tiny college town the was established in the 1840's with my 13 year old cousin. We pulled off the side of road, taking pictures of ivy covered brick structures and climbed primitive sandstone steps over a four foot wall to better examine eroded headstones of a small cemetery.

Spending time with my family and friends is at the forefront of my "Summer of Me" plans and I happily accomplished that this weekend. Making memories is something I'm striving to do more. Being in my little valley and surrounding area this weekend reminded me of the beauty not just in the place I currently call home but also in the people with whom I chose to spend my time.

*Small Town, USA is the title of a song by Justin Moore, who was touring with Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley (who is coincidentally from my little valley) at the concert my friends and I attended.