Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Self

Dear Self,

I know right now things are completely chaotic and unknown. I know that you don't deal well with those types of situations. Its true lately that it feels like everyone around you has it all together, that you're the only one who doesn't, but that's a myth. I promise you that every single person out there reading this right now is struggling with something too, in some way.

Right now, it may seem as if all those balls you're juggling have fallen on the ground, bouncing and rolling out of reach but they haven't. You have to pick them up and toss them back up into the air. Sometimes its hard to put on a brave face when you just want to sit down and cry for a while. Cry. Kick. Scream. Get it out of your system and then move on. Mourn for what was, what won't be; but then wipe the last of the tears from your cheeks and start over again tomorrow.

You will find the peace that has been eluding you. Hang in there. Hopefully soon you'll get the fresh start that you are so desperately seeking and find what it is you think you've lost. In the meantime, keep searching for the peace and happiness that quiets your soul and calms your heart. Its out there. I know you will find it. Don't give up hope.