Wednesday, May 05, 2010


There are a lot of things in my life right now that are making  my heart and soul happy. May is shaping up to be an awesome month. There will be birthday celebrations (two weekends in a row, one with the family then another with friends and yes, I believe in celebrating my birthday for as long as I can), concerts (Sugarland and The Country Throwdown Tour), and a road trip to hang out with some fabulous people thrown in there too. The weather has been beautiful which means deck drinking and  board games with friends as evening wanes.

Also making me happy? The fact that my lovely friend Kyla unveiled a new project that she's been working on really hard. She wrote and published an ebook, Four Little Pots, and its all sorts of fantastic. I am ridiculously proud of her. If you're interested in some great recipes, a chance to support a fellow blogger, and getting some snail mail, please consider heading on over to her place to read all about it!

Lastly, books. I am an avid reader and books always, always, always make me happy whether I buy them, get them from the library (and yes, the library still think I'm dead), or borrow them from a friend. Last weekend, Nora and her mom hit up an amazing sale, books were available at deeply discounted prices (some as low as $1) and all the proceeds went to charity. I need a book sale like that in  my life. Both lovely ladies were kind enough to pick up an extra book or two for a giveaway.  Go to both of their sites to for a chance to win!

Now tell me, whats making you happy these days?