Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally Ready

For the past several months now, woven among fun times with friends and moments of solitude, I've been quietly conducting a job search in the background. I've been telling myself I'm ready for something new, a new challenge in a new location. But I was also limiting myself to positions that would allow me to stay in my small town or not migrate too far. I'm done limiting myself. For the past several weeks I've been getting signs, signs that are getting stronger with each passing day. A feeling that is telling me its time to move on from my small town to chase down bigger, better opportunities. I'm finally ready to quit telling myself I'm ready to go off  into the unknown and am finally ready to take serious action.

So, the last few weeks I 've kicked my job search into high gear, firing off resumes into several different states and in some instances Canada for various positions. Professionally, its time for me to move on, time for me to take that next big step, time for me to leave the familiar behind. I want to feel connected to my work. I want to do work that is meaningful and has an impact on the world in some way. I want to explore my passions and my talents, writing among those. I want my words to matter, to evoke feelings. I want to be challenged to think and grow. I want to be changed and stretched as a person.

I've been told that you have to give your dreams, hopes, and desires over to the Universe so things can align, fall into place, and be set into motion. I'm ready to do that now. I'm finally ready to recognize that I deserve to be a part of something fabulous; that I owe it to myself to go exploring the world outside of my small town; that I need to go off in search of something bigger. I'm finally ready to stop letting fear of change hold me back. I'm accepting that I'll be scared, but I'm going to do it anyway.

I'm finally ready to stand on the edge of the water, flinging my hopes, dreams, and desires up to the Universe, into the bright blue sky. I'm finally ready to put my boat in the water, let the wind fill the sails and go off into the unknown chasing them down with such intensity no storm can slow me down. I'm finally ready to give up the person I am for the person I will become.