Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lasting Impressions 22

 Today's Lasting Impressions was written by Tabitha of Probably Tabitha, who is incredibly kind-hearted and talented; and someone I've had the pleasure of really getting to know over the past few months.

I thought about picking one friend in my life to focus on, or even one "type" of friendship I've had that has left a lasting impression on me (you know: college friends, childhood friends, blog friends, and so on). But there are too many people, coming from all different parts of my life, who have left an impression on me (some good, some not so much). So instead, I'd like to try to keep it simple; I just want to give you some snapshots of the lasting impressions I've been given over my 25 years of life...

Like my first best friend, Andrea, who left an impression of optimism: that a simple smile can spread heaps of happiness to the people around you.

My sixth-grade pal Amber, who left an impression of originality: that if you think you have a story worth telling, you should tell it.

My first boyfriend David, who left an impression of indifference: that a person who never makes the effort to call obviously doesn't think you're worth much.

My classmate Andrew, who left an impression of friendly competition: that when two people who are good at something strive to be THEIR best (rather than THE best), they both win.

My (third?) boyfriend Chris, who left an impression of spontaneity: that it's okay to sneak a kiss in an empty elevator...even if that elevator is inside your church. *snicker*

My high school "best friend" Jenae, who left an impression of dominance: that if your friend has a "stronger" personality, you should always do what she wants rather than speak up.

My secret-unofficial-boyfriend (ex, of course) Kyle, who left an impression of forgiveness: that the immature choices you made as a teenager don't have to haunt you in adulthood.

My college roommate Kim, who left an impression of individuality: that who you are is a gift, and when you allow yourself to be exactly that person, those who stick around are the ones worth investing in.

My ex-boyfriend Peter, who left an impression of objectification: that when you go out with a cocky former-college-football player, it should be understood that you "belong" to him, and you should be flattered that he "picked you." (Yeah, THAT relationship didn't last long.)

My fellow Romania-obsessed friend Megan, who left an impression of empathy: that sharing in another person's emotions, while it can be draining, is one of the most fulfilling aspects of friendship.

My college classmate Corrigan, who left an impression of acceptance: that not every Heath-Ledger-lookalike has the ego to match, and sometimes people can surprise you.

My accidental nemesis Ashley, who left an impression of resentment: that somehow, liking the same boy meant you were obligated to hate each other, even if he wasn't interested in either of you, anyway.

And who could forget my blog friends, like Nora, Kyla, Mandy, Cari and so many others, who, from the very first connections we made, left an impression of unity: that it takes a special type of person to recognize the value in long-distance friendships, and trust that we have what it takes to stay friends, even if we may never meet face to face.


What kind of impressions have people left on you? What kind of impression do you hope to leave on others?


(Oh, and for the record, I didn't include any family members, not because they're not important, but because this list would've been exponentially longer if I had.)