Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I have many things I want to tell you about (like wandering around the Strip District in Pittsburgh with one of my best friends, how excited I am about the upcoming next few months for one reason or another) but I haven't been able to sit down and properly write out my thoughts and feelings. I've been horribly distracted the past several days.

You see, friends, something happens when the weather turns warm and the sun shines long after I return home from work. I have this intense desire to spend every waking minute outside breathing in the fresh air, slipping my bare feet through the freshly mowed grass, and just sitting on the swing listening to the calming sounds of the water gently moving in the pond. I want to sit on the deck talking with friends and family, playing board games or just watching the sun set. I want to walk the dog down by the river. I want to sit around a bonfire. I want to read in the sunshine and just relax, reveling in solitude. I want to feel the gentle spring breeze blow softly against my skin. There's just something inside of me that yearns to be out. So the past few days I've followed my instincts, picked up and finished a few of my favorite books, and am completely communing with Mother Nature. Its just something that feels incredibly right, so who am I to argue?

Has spring arrived where you call home? What's your favorite way to spend a beautiful spring evening?


Ashley said...

I feel like we just skipped Spring and went straight for Summer, which I'm happy about because (don't hate me) I don't like Spring. Or, maybe I just don't like the Springs in Washington I grew up with where we'd be teased by a nice day and then return to months of more rain.

I tend to be kind of oblivious to the weather, but I've definitely noticed the change this year and I'm really excited for Summer.

amanda said...

i couldn't agree more with you! something just happens when the cold goes away. especially the first few days of nice warm weather. even if it is supposed to go back to normal april temperatures in the next few days.

nothing beats a picnic on a nice springy day! grass between the toes-flowers blooming-yummy eats-love it!