Monday, April 12, 2010

The Day Was A Fairy Tale

This weekend, for a time, I was able to step out of my normal, every day life. A small part of me wants to share how that time was spent, but a larger, bigger part of myself wants to keep it to myself, which I know goes against the blogging ideology.

This weekend found me at a time when I needed to disappear; a time when I needed to get away from routine; a time when I needed to childishly believe in magic again.

Some answers that I was waiting for revealed themselves on Friday; unfortunately those answers weren’t the ones I was hoping for which left me with a disheartened spirit. Over the weekend I spent time away from technology, ignoring the computer and for the most part ignoring my phone. I didn’t want to be tethered to reality. I wanted to run away, to lose myself in an enchanted forest and hope for a prince charming to save me and slay some dragons on the way. I fully immersed myself into simply being present in the very moment I was in, being fully aware and embracing every second of those moments. Moments that included the smallest events that filled my heart and uplifted my spirit. I was living my very own fairy tale, even if only for a short time.

The weekend brought me peace and contentment. It brought me an overabundance of happiness. It made me believe in love and happy endings. It made me believe in fairy tales, knights in shining armor and dreams. It reminded me to slow down, to completely lose myself on occassion and to not lose hope. Most importantly it made me believe in myself again.