Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautygasm: Beauty Bash 2010

This past weekend my mom, her best friend, and I loaded up my mom's car and headed to one of my all time favorite places, QVC Studio Park in West Chester, Pennsylvania for our 4th Beauty Bash event. This event is one of my yearly MUST ATTEND events. I start stalking the QVC website and bugging the wonderful employees on twitter around November hoping for a hint of when the event might take place (its usually in April, but the weekend varies). The minute I find out I spring into action taking care of necessities like reserving a hotel room, planning my outfit, and making a  mental note of all the vendors I want to see. I then spend the next several months day dreaming about all the wonderful new products I'll get to bring home and who I might get to meet. Over the past four years, the Beauty Bash has become a tradition for my mom, her friend, and I; a much needed girls weekend away filled with laughter, fun, and relaxing.

The QVC Beauty Bash is a huge tradeshow like event showcasing the products of many wonderful beauty vendors covering everything from skin care, hair care, make up, and more. Its like every little girls fairy tale come true right down to the pampering and individualized attention by international make up artists and hair stylists. This year the format of the Beauty Bash was altered slightly from previous years which greatly improved the overall experience. What was great before was absolutely fabulous this time around.

I am always absolutely giddy when Beauty Bash day rolls around. I have a hard time sleeping the night before, I wonder what sort of products I'll get to try (it didn't help that I saw the boxes we would be receiving the day before), and this year becuase I wasn't schlepping around a huge tote bag I had a free hand to live tweet the event. It looked something like this -- full of entirely too many exclamation points and absolutely necessary caps lock.

While standing in line before the doors to the event opened, the energy and excitement was palpable. The line was long, it was early, and some of us had been standing in line for an hour but we were passed the time by swapping stories from previous years, talking about our favorite beauty lines and products, and filling out entry forms we had purchased for a $1 (kudos to QVC for donating the money to cancer research) for extra chances to win additional prizes. With the music wafting through the doors and the hum of people murmuring "Its almost time!" when the doors opened everyone made a mad dash for their favorite vendors. In previous years, the beauty basher was responsible for going to each and every vendor to collect the product. This year all the products were pre-packed into a box that we could pick up at the end of the event. This meant that we were all able to take time to chat with the individual vendors, talk extensively about their products, get a sneak peak of new products not available to the masses yet, and my personal favorite, be spoiled and pampered (which is what it should all be about).

I immediately made a bee-line for the Laura Geller booth. Laura Geller is one of my absolute favorites, I've been wearing her make up for years and make it a point to stop by her booth to say hi every year. In my head we're BFF's and would meet for weekly coffee and gossip dates if only I lived in New York City. In reality, I'm one of many people who feel this way.

Her talented and wonderful make-up artist, Lindsay, motioned me over to a chair and set to work making me gorgeous while chatting away about new products and the event itself. I was equally excited to find out we'd be getting one of my all time favorite products, spackle, in the Beauty Bash box and I desperately need to get my hands on the new tan bronze and brighten. My mom and her friend had their make-up done as well, then a professional photographer was on hand to capture the moment making us feel like professional models.We really appreciate having this photo to remind of us such a fun day and great weekend.

Next we hit up the Tarte, Philosophy, Wen, Kate Sommerville, and Mally booths. I can't tell you how generous these vendors are, with most of them giving full size products (most of the products in the box this year were full size or very close to it). They always provide beauty bashers with amazing products and a lot of it. This year Wen provided 11 products alone. INCREDIBLY GENEROUS! It was nice talking to the vendors about products we wanted to know more about and having new vendors be able to share more about their product lines and what it could do for us. I really appreciated not being obligated to stop at every single vendor, which in the past has been a bit intense and time consuming, leaving little time to be pampered.

After meandering through the aisles testing this product, sniffing the scent of that one, and exclaiming "Oh my God I need this in my life right this very minute, is it available in the studio store?!?" we decided to get our hair done by the Ojon hair crew. Lines were short, the stylists were engaging, and highly entertaining. I cannot tell you how lovely it was to get to spend three hours of a Sunday morning this way. During this time I also decided that at some point in my life, I must have hair and make-up people available to me whenever my heart desires. I felt absolutely glamorous. Oh! And I got to snap a shot with QVC show host Antonella Nestor, whom I also want to be my BFF. How could you not? Shes lovely and literally greeted every single person she encounted like they were a long lost friend.

After checking out the remainder of the vendors we wanted to speak with, the three of us headed to the studio store one last time to buy some of the things we decidedly couldn't live without before heading out to the parking lot. What's so special about the parking lot? Its where we claimed our beauty bash box containing over $1400 worth of products!! QVC staffers had box after box piled on semi's and were happily passing out the boxes or helping to load them into car trunks. We had been at QVC the day before, saw the boxes and how heavy they appeared to be and had the foresight to park right across from the tables. Can I just tell you those boxes weighed 22 pounds each!! Let that sink in for a minute. 22 pounds of glorious beauty products ranging from shampoos and conditioners, mascaras, eye liners, face creams, cover up, self tanner, exfoliater, bath gels, lip glosses, no joke its like the never ending box of goodness. (And I won't have to buy anything for quite possibly the next year!)

A peak at what all is included in our Beauty Bash boxes.

I know this post is exceptionally long, but honestly, my words don't do this event the justice it truly deserves. The QVC staff-- from the security guards manning the doors, to the employees taking the tickets, to the studio store employees tirelessly running back and forth between people fetching various items--are some of the happiest people I've encountered anywhere. They all seem to genuinely enjoy working for the QVC company and are the most  helpful people. From my standpoint the event was so wonderfully executed, the atmosphere was relaxing, and I had the best time ever. It was an experience I won't soon forget and I encourage each of you to attend one of these events in the future if you're able (don't let the distance stop you, people fly in from all over the country and mail themselves the boxes). A HUGE thank you to the people at QVC and the individual vendors for making this event possible year after year.

Disclosure: I was not compensated by QVC or any of the vendors for this post (although if they would like to send me a QVC tote bag or t-shirt I wouldn't be opposed ), all the opinions expressed are my solely my own.