Monday, March 08, 2010


This past weekend was the sort that left me a bit breathless; one of those weekends that slipped by entirely too quickly. The weather warmed up to above freezing, hovering around the low 40's, allowing for the perfect opportunity to get out and about to reconnect with friends and family.

I spent several hours with various friends which warmed my soul. Some I hadn't seen for one reason or another for a few months. We chatted over the sounds of country music from the juke box, sipping beers, laughing and crying. I walked along the river with another friend in the chilly air of the morning, just as the fog was rising off the water, our coffee cups warming our hands. We discussed our some challenges plaguing our town, the kids we used to be, and the sort of things we want our adult selves to always remember. After our walk we popped in and out of a few antique shops before heading out to do some shopping. Not all the reconnecting with friends was done in person. Some I spoke to in great length via gchat. It was beyond fantastic to catch up with a few long distance friends.

After a three hour drive into the heartland of my state (six hours round trip, confined in a car with my grandmother, I was feeling a bit irritable) I reconnected with my extended family including a slew of cousins I only see a few times a year. We passed the time making making plans, teasing each other, and just enjoying having an excuse to get together (the actual reason we were all gathered was for a baby shower). There were pictures, stories, introductions of significant others, and lots of laughs. Time was fleeting as it always is when we get together and before I knew it I was on my way home again.

I'm keeping the reconnecting going this week, with a completely unexpected reconnection happening this morning and dinner with a childhood friend who has recently moved back to the area.

The past few days have reminded me how important it is to connect and reconnect with friends and family. To maintain those connections, to foster and nurture them. How do you reconnect with the people in your life?