Friday, March 19, 2010

Lasting Impressions 20

Today's Lasting Impressions post comes by way of Amber, Girl With The Red Hair who is a 20SB who always manages to write some of the best posts in my Reader. If you don't read her, you most definitely should.

When Mandy asked me to do a guest blog for her Lasting Impressions series I was ridiculously excited because when I look back through my life, I marvel at all the amazing friendships I have formed and how they’ve affected my life.

The one friendship I continually find myself reflecting on and thinking about is the one I had with N, a girl I knew since I was five but only became really close with during my adolescence.

In Grade eight I started playing hockey and became unexplainably close with N, who played hockey also. I had known her since we were both five, but we’d never been friends by any means, I had always marveled at this girl. She was athletic, funny, pretty. The boys loved her and the girls wanted to be her. And then I got to be her best friend.

For two years we were inseparable. We would chat on the phone every night and spend the weekends at one another’s houses. We would stay up late talking about boys, hockey, hair, clothes and everything in between. We would see each other all day long at school and then spend 2-3 hours on the phone every night.

In Grade 11 we both went to high school and we went our separate ways, N, who’d always been a partier, went a bit off the deep end and ended up dropping out of school because she partied too much. We had a huge falling out halfway through our Grade 11 year and I’ve barely spoken to her since and only seen her once or twice. She’s since gotten married and had a child and last I’d heard she left her husband for a man almost twice her age.

I think of her from time-to-time and all the good times we shared for those two years. The other day I sent her a message on Facebook wishing her a Happy Birthday. She wrote me back a brief message saying her daughter was almost 3 and she hoped that me and Eric were doing well.

Yes, I think of her from time-to-time. Sometimes I think about the relationship we had; me trying so desperately to be like her, other times I remember the laughter, the sleepovers and the late nights on the phone and sometimes I feel pity for her and her current situation.

Despite everything that happened between us and our little to no contact, she’s someone who I’ll never forget. She’s one of the many people who have left an impression on my life that won’t go away, whether I want it to or not.