Friday, March 05, 2010

Lasting Impressions 18

Lasting Impressions is a series about friendships. I've been really excited to bring this series back so if you would like to be involved, please either leave a comment or send me an email. If you've already indicated you'd like to participate, look for an email coming your way. The best part about this series is that it comes from you! 

Today's Lasting Impression post was written by Jen from Jen's World. Jen is one of those people who makes life better just by being in it. She is an amazing friend who always has time for a text messages, phone calls and emails. 

When I think of Lasting Impressions a lot of different ideas come to my head. I think of significant teachers or coaches i have had throughout the years. i think of friends who have long been gone for what ever reason but who left an indelible mark on my heart. I think of former co-workers who, at the time, i couldnt imagine not still being in touch with, but have realized that life has a crazy idea of where you are headed and sometimes it is best to just let it be. i thought about making a list of the ten people who have made a Lasting Impression on me either positive or not, because lets face it, we all have some not so positive lasting impressions of people, but every time i sat down to compose that i was drawn to a different aspect, or perspective... What if you have never met a person who has made a Lasting Impression in real life?

is that weird?

what would other people think?

In an age of immense communications and connectivity, we find ourselves looking in on other peoples lives, finding connections and reaching out to people we may have never known in our day to day existence had it not been for the internet. We start with simple comments on blogs that can lead to emails then text messages and phone calls. Soon that person becomes an integral part of your day to day life. You find yourself in certain situations thinking of them and how only they could appreciate the situation. Even though you have never been in the same room with them.

My good friend Mandy is just that person. I found her blog one day, i really cannot remember how, and saw an ohio state fan. I was born at ohio state university so i thought it would be cool to comment that i was a buckeye baby (any true ohio state fan would appreciate that statement). then there was a meme going around having different bloggers ask random questions of their commenters that mandy posted about. i told her i would love to have her question me and when i answered her questions i started out by saying that we have more in common then she realizes. Then it happened. Emails and constant comments and then phone calls.

When Mandy first "met" me, I was recently engaged and trying to navigate the whole "wedding planning process." a process which made me physically ill. and Mandy got that. I can remember talking to her briefly before a night class of mine, telling her that my fiance was going to quit his job and we have to marry sooner rather than later for insurance, and her responses were nothing but support. there were times were i was so worried about my decisions pertaining to my wedding and just calling her would give me a sense of calm, and that really? everything would be just fine. and she is always so great to add in the occasional "you are doing an amazing job" and i will not lie...that helps so much!

The planning was done, in a rather short time, the date set and the dress bought. And at that point beyond my mother and my sister, Mandy knew everything as well. I sent her pictures of my hair, the dress, the boat we were going to married on, and i got nothing but support from someone whom i had never met in real life. We had forged a friendship through our blogs, our emails, our phone calls. Such a strong friendship that i now find myself thinking about the friendships from high school and college and comparing them. Not in a bad way, just in a "holy cow my life is so different now" way. the thing that is most fascinating to me is that i have the same closeness with Mandy that i do with the closest friends from college. that just makes me happy.

so is it weird? not at all

what would other people think? i can finally say that i have reached a point in my life where i do not care what other people think.

Here is to Mandy, who has made an Lasting Impression on me! and here is to meeting someone i know so very well in real life!