Monday, March 29, 2010


This is a short week for me with Easter Break right around the corner, which basically means that I have a short attention span, so bullets seem entirely appropriate. Agreed? Ok good.

* Waiting is hard and its not something I'm good at. I'm currently in the middle of waiting. While I can't share what is I'm waiting for right now, I keeping my fingers crossed and trying to remain hopeful. If you could cross your fingers too, I will bake you cookies.

* I spent yesterday with my 13 year old cousin. Shes growing up, developing her own opinions, and we can have some real conversations now. She wanted to talk about health care and the president. We come from a fairly conservative family so she basically only hears that side of the argument. As you may or may not know, I am far from conservative, about as far as you can get. While I did give her my thoughts, I also stressed the importance of coming to her own conclusions. Its scary new territory for me, being the one my younger cousins look to for thoughts and ideas.

* I did nothing productive yesterday. It was cold, rainy, and I was feeling under the weather. I laid in bed all day, cuddled with the dog, and watched Lifetime Movie Network. ALL. DAMN. DAY. I haven't done that in a very long time and I loved every second of it. I also might have taken a nap. Or two.

So tell me, what did you do this weekend? Do you have a short week? Do you find it hard to concentrate during short weeks like I do?