Monday, October 12, 2009

Sometimes I...

Sometimes I sit down to type out my blog posts and nothing comes out. I can have a dozen ideas but in that very moment, none of those ideas want to be written.

Sometimes I feel like I'm always waiting -- waiting for the phone call that could change everything, waiting for something exciting to happen, waiting for the next big thing. I'm not very good at waiting.

Sometimes I snuggle down under my down comforter and am completely content to stay there for the majority of the evening watching the Gilmore Girls or Felicity.

Sometimes I get crazy excited about my upcoming plans, other times it exhausts me just thinking about them.

Sometimes I think baking truly is a form of therapy.

Sometimes I wish I could be completely organized, have everything put away and be neat, but thats just not me. I am messy, chaotic, and disorganized. It just works for me.

Sometimes I turn off my phone and shut off the computer to just spend the day or evening reading.

Sometimes I wrap myself in a blanket and go stand out on the deck in the cold even though it makes my nose run and my bones chilly.

Sometimes I get nostalgic for the way things used to be, back before I grew up and things got complicated.

Sometimes I feel closer to the friends I've made through this blog than the friends I've known for several years.

Sometimes I just want to spend the entire day alone, its not because I'm being anti-social, its just that I like having time to myself to think.

Sometimes I question my skills as a writer, I hit a wall and will be completely uninspired; but then a picture or a quote can change all of that.

Sometimes I just think I think too much.

Your turn, sometimes I. . . .


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sometimes I wonder why I live in MN when I am so not a winter person.

Sometimes I wonder if the vulnerability of being in a relationship is worth it?

Sometimes I wonder what my real world friends/family think of my blogging but then I just figure if they think it's silly/dumb, they can just stop reading it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I would much rather get in the car and go for drive, then make the usual drive to work or class.

Sometimes i plan out an entire weekend of fun things to do with people i have never met in real life, and then wonder if that is weird...then i shake that off!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm making the right decisions with my life, but then reassure myself that what is meant to be WILL be.

Sometimes I'd much rather stay in bed on a cold, cloudy day than put on my professional persona and go to the office.

Sometimes I get writer's block too, worry that people will stop subscribing to my blog but then realize that it's my blog, my space and if I don't want to write for a few days, so be it.

(Side note: Hope you are enjoying Felicity! I watched the finale last week and it was pretty great!)

Leanne said...

Sometimes I think we're pretty much the same person.

Sometimes I wish I didn't live in the most densely-populated northern city in Canada.

Sometimes I can't sleep at night and then I'm a jittery mess in the morning and I have NO IDEA WHY THIS HAPPENS.


Pam said...

Sometimes I stay in my pj's all day long, curl up on the couch and watch a movie with my kids.

Sometimes I hope for rain just so I can light a fire.

Sometimes I feel like a kid when we are about to take off in our motorhome for an adventure.

Kyla Roma said...

Ha, I think that "sometimes I think too much" could have been an alternate title for my post today =)

Sometimes I'm more thankful for my bloggy friends (like you!) than I think they know.

Frank said...

Sometimes I pause my day to go out and take pictures of the colorful leaves, because I know that although I'll still be here tomorrow, they might not be.

Little Fish said...

"Sometimes I feel like I'm always waiting -- waiting for the phone call that could change everything, waiting for something exciting to happen, waiting for the next big thing. I'm not very good at waiting." Amen sister!

Sometimes I wish I could just shut my brain off and go from my gut.

Sometimes I go for a session with a persaonal trainer and then reward myself by sitting on my couch having a beer (and by sometimes I mean the last two Fridays lol)

rachaelgking said...

Sometimes I wonder why the holidays used to be nothing but fun and candy and presents, and now they're nothing but stress with a side of disappointment.

MeLaNiE said...

you are such a talented writer!

Amber said...

Sometimes I have nothing to say, but I make myself write a post anyways.

Sometimes the posts that I think will get a lot of comments don't and the posts that I think are silly get a lot of comments.

Sometimes (actually A LOT of the time) I think my blog friends get me more than my real friends. I just express myself better with words!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I play with my hair when I'm nervous

Sometimes I imagine my future

Auburn Kat said...

Multiple times I've sat down and tried to watch the Gilmore Girls but for whatever reason I just can't seem to get in to that show!

Bayjb said...

sometimes I wish I could just look at things on a smaller level and stop thinking about things so far ahead of time.

sometimes I wish I didn't worry so much about what other people think and say, "f*ck it"

Katie said...

You always hit these right on the head. I'm always nodding my head.

Here's mine.

Sometimes I don't feel like doing a thing and instead curl up with my puppy.

Ashley said...

Sometimes when it actually comes down to actually doing things, I curse myself for being so ambitious in signing on in the first place.

Sometimes I wish we'd get more rain here in CA, but I can't complain right now, because it is raining. (I'm clearly not very good at this game.)

Anonymous said...

There were so many of those 'Sometimes I..' that you wrote that were exactly like the ones I would have put.

Sometimes I get so excited about upcoming events, and other times even thinking of them is disheartening and overwhelming.

Sometimes I feel that my blog friends and long distance are better friends than the actual friends I have here.

Sometimes I love crafting and other times I love it more.

Sometimes I think I'm ordinary and boring, and other times I feel cute and homey. But more often than not I feel that other people feel that I'm homey and boring at the same time.

Kay* said...

i SO love your sometimes posts. think i'll do one on the new blog next week.

Cate said...

Sometimes I like coming home and having no messages on the answering machine.

Sometimes I don't mind when I've forgotten my cell phone at home.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i love when you do these posts.

and i was right there in the down comforter mode this morning - i didn't want to move.

MJW said...

I love this!

Sometimes plans make me exhausted just thinking about them.

Sometimes I lay on my couch with my dog watching reruns of Friends over and over again until bedtime. :)

Andy said...

"I am messy, chaotic, and disorganized".
Oh! So am I!! My clothes are right now a huge mess.

Sometimes I... wonder why did I choose to be in a city where the highest temperature is already 50 degrees, at 1 pm, on sunny days.