Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reasons I Love My Mom

Since today is Mother's day (at least for a few more hours) I figure its appropriate to share with you some of the reasons I love my mom. As you may or may not know, my mom and I are freakishly linked. In a way, the two of us grew up together and over the years, we have developed an incredible friendship. We like to think of ourselves as the real life Gilmore Girls. Over the years she has put up with me when I was sick and cranky; she stayed with me in my college dorm when I needed her; she went with me to pick out my tattoo instead of telling me all the reasons I shouldn't get one; and we've taken some awesome mother/daughter trips together.

So without further adieu, a few completely random reasons why I love my mom.

1. She bought me Barry Manilow tickets for my birthday! Not only did she name me after his first number one hit, she completely supports my need to go see him in concert any time he is with in a few hundred miles of our home (which by default means that she gets to go too, its win/win). In a few months, she and I will be soulfully singing along with Barry to "I Write the Songs" and playing air mariachi's to the tune of "Copacabana."

2. She has all the common sense that I lack. When I am cleaning the bathroom and unknowingly mix harsh chemicals that may be potentially lethal, she tells me to open a window (something I wouldn't have figured out on my own). When I can't figure out how many tablespoons of butter make up a 1/3 of a cup (because its not written on the package), she already knows. When the door I am trying to push open won't open (despite how hard I am pushing), she tells me to "PULL!"

3. She doesn't mind that I impersonate her on a weekly basis or at times random people may wake up on our couch as a result of the revolving door policy.

4. She completely and totally supports me in my dreams, desires, hopes and goals. She will do anything to help me get what I want -- whether it be fighting off shoppers for the last incredible deal on a KitchenAid mixer or encouraging me to pursue a Masters degree. All my life she's told me that I am capable of great things. When I decided I wanted to be an actress she toted me all around the tri-state area so I could be in various plays. The time I wanted to be an astronaut, she signed me up for space camp. Nothing was too far fetched, she told me if thats what I truly wanted, we would find a way to make it happen.

5. She gave me the freedom to become my own person. She never pushed me to share her opinions. She respected my beliefs even if they were drastically different from her own. She gave me room to make my own mistakes, knowing that I needed to learn from my own experiences. She never judged me when I came home crying or said "I told you so" even when she knew she was right (which was probably 98% of the time). She has always loved me unconditionally.

I will always believe that I really do have the best mother in the whole world. She truly is one of my best friends. Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there in blogland!


Andy said...

We all have the best mom in the world (except for some unlucky people, but meh)!

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

looking4#3 said...

What a beautiful post for your Mom!!! From all that you have "said" through the blog, she really sounds like an amazing person.
Now, wouldn't it be AWESOME to have that relationship with YOUR daughter?? Watch your Mom have that relationship with HER granddaughter???
Alright, I'll shut up now!!!!

Zeba said...
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Anonymous said...

what a sweet post!

Isn't it great to have mothers who support us in all that we do? And Gilmore Girls mom's are a bonus =)

Little Fish said...

Yeah, I love this!! Moms rock! As you know my Mom and I are freakishly close too. I used to hate when people would say, "The Gilmore Girls is a good show, but no mother and daughter actually talk to each other like that." I'd alway be like, "Well... ummm... actually..." and anyone around who know my Mom and I would go, "Yea clearly you've never seen Little Fish and her Mom together."

rachaelgking said...

Aww, so sweet! Happy Mama's Day to your mom (and to mine, though I sure can't tell her via blog ;-)

Frank said...

Personally I love my mom for buying me back from those people after my dad sold me.

amanda said...

your mom seems amazing!

i love that you were named
after the song "mandy." so your
real name isn't amanda? that's
funnnn. see, i'm amanda, but my whole
family calls me mandy. (i don't love it)

barry does rock. i saw him in concert in dc a few years ago-he put on one
heck of a show.

i love that you consider yourself the real life gilmore girls.

Auburn Kat said...

That was so sweet of you!!! Happy Mother's day to your mom!

Bayjb said...

That is SO sweet of you. Your mom sounds amazing, I'm so glad you have her :)

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...


Katie said...

This makes me want to give your mom a hug. She sounds so wonderful.

I love my mom for a lot of the same reason. I feel so lucky that I can be friends with my mom.

michellewoo said...

You really did Space Camp?? Now THAT is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thats so sweet that you would type all those wonderful things about your mom!:D