Friday, May 29, 2009

Lasting Impressions 17

Today's Lasting Impressions post was written by my real life friend Jessica. While she does have a blog, its private to protect her kiddo's privacy, but trust me her son and daughter are gorgeous and she has another daughter on the way. I have many fond memories from my teenage years that she is a part of and I'm thankful that we can remain a part of each others lives through our blogs.)

I always wanted to be able to say that my sister was my best friend. However, it took many years before that could happen.

When we were growing up, Jo Anna and I did not have much in common. She liked to play with Barbie dolls and I liked to sit outside and read books. She was loud and on the go and I was quiet and preferred being at home. We had different friends and different interests.

Then I moved away to go to college. I was really hoping that Jo Anna would stay in touch. I would try to call her but she rarely returned my messages. I would send her cards and letters but didn't hear from her too often. When I would come home for the weekend or on break she would be working or going out with her friends.
But during all this time we always shared a bedroom. There would be times at night when she would start talking to me. Maybe one of her friends had picked on her or a boy had hurt her feelings. I would always listen and try to comfort her. I enjoyed being there for her and liked knowing that she felt comfortable coming to me.

Fast forward to about four years ago. I was living in Pennsylvania and Jo Anna in Indiana. I missed her like crazy! She still didn't do a good job of returning my calls or keeping in touch with me. I would cry about it to my husband and then keep on trying!

Then came the day that Jo Anna and her husband decided they wanted to have children. She called me!!!!! She started me asking me all kinds of questions about pregnancy and being a mom. I couldn't believe it!! Then her baby girl was born and she started calling me several times a day! I was blown away!

Now we have so much in common and we have so much to talk about. She just recently listed me as the person she calls the most in one of the silly facebook questionnaires she took! She also listed me as one of her best friends!

It only took 25+ years but now a dream has come true. My sister is my best friend.


Anonymous said...

That's a very sweet and touching post.
Gives me hope as my younger brother and I are kind of like that currently (I try a lot and he's getting better but still not great.)So maybe one day he will be my best friend. One can hope!

rachaelgking said...

Ah, I'm jealous. My sis and I have come a LONG, long way... but I don't think we'll ever be besties.

Congrats :-)

amanda said...

when i first started reading this, i forgot it wasn't you, mandy.

and it said husband, and i got so confused. i was all, YOU'RE MARRIED? why didn't i, how didn't i know!

than i remembered it wasn't you. and i continued to read the story with no more confusion.

i am happy that your sister and you are now at a good point. best friends in fact. it's so important. i don't know what i'd do without my little sis.

Frank said...

My sisters are some of my closest least they are now. For most of the last two decades we despised each other. I'm still hoping my brother and I will be friends someday...

looking4#3 said...

So nice that the two of you are close. My sister and I are 37 and 39. At one point we were close, years ago. We both have children, I call, she doesn't. Your story gives me hope that maybe one day it will happen.

Vanessa said...

Twenty five years is a long time but it sounds like it was worth the wait.