Friday, May 08, 2009

Lasting Impressions 14

(Today's Lasting Impressions comes from a blogger who never fails to make me smile-- Raeleigh of Big Sky Girl; who loves QVC and her KitchenAid mixer as much as I do. If you are interested in writing a Lasting Impressions post, please leave a comment or email me.)

First of all, I just want to say thanks to Mandy for inviting me to do this! I LOVE guest posting! I’ll try to be better about writing my OWN blog, just in case you guys want to, you know, read more about me, or something. : )


Throughout my life, like many of us, I have built up a little collection of close friends. I refer to each of them as my best friend so-and-so, simply because I couldn’t begin to tell you which one is THE best. Some of them are girls I’ve known almost my entire life, and a few of them are girls I met in college or after. All of them are pretty much my soul sisters. : )

Courtney’s the one who’s been around the longest – since we were tiny kids – though our status as bffs has only been since high school when we were in color guard together. Through that and the summer she graduated (which you may hear either of us refer to as “the summer of Sara {Evans, the country singer whom we heart}) we’ve become best friends.

Lori came next; we started being friends when we played summer-league softball. We went to different schools, so we didn’t hang out during the year until we got into high school. When we were seniors, Lori went through a situation that is not my story to tell, but instead of ruining our friendship (like it very well could have), it really only made it stronger. Lori is also one of those friends that you feel like family with. Her parents stopped being Bill and Trish a long time ago – they’re just Dad and Mom. : ) I’ve never felt more welcome in a home that wasn’t my own.

When we were in college, she married a guy she met our freshman year and they have three babies now! She lives halfway across the country with that husband, those three babies, and a jewelry design company (busy lady!) but we still make phone dates so we can catch up.

5th grade was a rough year for me, and I had (literally) one friend at school. People who know me now wonder how that happened. Don’t ask me. I was chubby and kids are mean and stupid. It was a long time ago. The one really great thing about that year was meeting my best friend Kendra. We hardly get to talk anymore, but she helped me through that year and I will always love her like a sister.

Once I got through 5th grade, I switched schools. (I know, right? Was I the fat kid and a lepper? Why didn’t they want to be my friend?!) Anyway, once I started at the other school, I latched on to Sarah, a girl whose mom had babysat me years before. Before long, Sarah and I were causing a little more trouble than we probably should have (relax, we were passing notes, not setting fires) and our severely misguided teacher thought it best to move me to the front of the room. Right in front of Steph.

I wonder if he regretted that as much as we think he may have. I never see him anymore, but if I did, I would thank him. I have two of the most amazing “nieces” and the funniest, most charming Godson on EARTH because of his decision to move me somewhere I wouldn’t be as much of a troublemaker. BTW, I think Steph and I gave him about half the gray hair I hear he has.

In college, I made a few different friends in the dorms and in classes, but none as randomly as the way I made friends with my current roommate. We had mutual friends who were friends, and we all hung out one night at the end of my sophomore year. The next year when I was supervising my dad hauling my mini-fridge into the dorms, she was walking out of the building. We said hi, asked about each others’ summers, and said we’d have to hang out sometime. We’ve now lived together for four years, and I’m a bridesmaid in her wedding in January. That girl lives in my head. Seriously. We will randomly break into song (the SAME SONG) at the same time, we can finish each other’s sentences, and we are more alike in most ways than any two people I know. I love us. : )

The girl you’ll hear me refer to as “Doc” on my blog is my best friend Jamie. We bonded over a mutual um, adoration? Lust? Something? of the actor David Boreanaz (Seeley Booth on Bones. The man is hot. Srsly.) and found that we were totally separated at birth. : ) We butt heads sometimes, but that just goes to show that we really are sisters. : )

Friends. Girls. Besties. The ladies. BFFs. No matter what you call them, your girlfriends can be the most important people in your life. I have always been the girl with a million best friends, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are all irreplaceable.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post because it reminds me of all the different flavors of best friends I have! =) It's a great thing to have one best friend but to have many is really a blessing!

Andy said...

One of my faves so far.

PS Habby Bday Mandy!

amanda said...

they all sound like they've each
enriched your life in one way
or another. made you who you are
today. and isn't that what friends
are all about?

they truly sound like fabulous girls.
and i'm glad they are in your life!

Maris said...

5th graders are mean but boy, did I have it bad in sixth grade! I had friends but somehow I never really fit into a clique - a positive as I got older but not so positive turing the tween years!