Sunday, April 19, 2009

What I Did Instead

What I should have done this weekend:
  • Cleaned -- my closet looks like it exploded and I have clothes, shoes, various accessories all jumbled together in a big mess on the floor.
  • Find a home for the contents of my bag from the Beauty Bash -- at the moment all the contents are still in the totebag sitting in front of my dresser. I use a product but instead of placing it somewhere where it might belong I just toss it back into the bag.
  • Clean my ceiling fan -- it was stopped the other day and its incredibly gross, thats why I keep it moving, if its moving I can't see the insane amount of dust thats on top of the blades.
  • Wash clothes - I have two full laundry baskets of clothes that need to be washed. Its not hard I know, but yet, I always put off washing clothes until I absolutely HAVE to do it. I am almost there but decided I could wait another day or two.
What I did instead:
  • Took Sandy to the park on Friday to enjoy the absolutely beautiful gorgeous day. We walked around the lakes, wandered through the gardens, stopping to smell the flowers and chat with other people out enjoying the day. Laid on the hillside in the grass just looking up at the perfect blue sky.

  • Did a bit of retracing my steps so to speak. I drove around the campus of the college where I did my undergrad degree, in a few weeks they will become a university. While there won't be that much that changes I wanted to remember what it was like as it was when I was there. I hadn't been on campus in over two years. I also stopped a few other places along the way to reminisce.
  • Had brunch and caught up with my best friend. We talked and laughed, then went to my cousins softball game. Once again, Saturday was a beautiful day -- we enjoyed the sunshine, rolling up our sleeves to get a tan. After the game we did some shopping and took in a movie (Hannah Montana and yes, I can say that without shame!).

  • Sat on the swing with my mom sharing a bottle of wine, just relaxing and laughing over some recent events. My mom is one of my best friends and I cherish moments like that.
  • Caught up with another great friend I hadn't spoken to in several weeks. She has twin daughters now so her time is incredibly limited. Even though we haven't been able to find time in our schedules to get together, just having a phone conversation that lasted a good solid hour was a treat.
  • I slept in, baked cookies, watched a few episodes of the Gilmore Girls on DVD, read a few books, and took a nap.
No, I didn't accomplish one single thing on my to-do list, but I am entirely 100% ok with that. Had I been doing those tasks, I would have missed everything I did instead. And what I did instead was a lot more fun!

What did you do this weekend?


Ohmygoshi said...

i had the exact same thought about my closet. it's ridiculous!

Andy said...

OMG. Gilmore Girls on DVD? So effin jealous.

What I should have done : Study for my Math Lab BAC TOMORROW. Yes, it counts for my graduation.

What I did : Shopped and slept. Because I'm good like that.

Fritz said...

all of that constitutes a great weekend! the messy closet will still be there when it starts to rain!

Kyla Roma said...

It sounds like you did exactly what you needed to do- dreamy! =)

Katie said...

i had a similar weekend in that i did very little that resembles productivity but i had a total blast. the bf was in town, and saturday was the start of derby festival! we watched fireworks, ate fair food, rode our bikes around the nature park, and then spend a rainy lazy sunday at the movies. YAY for unproductive but perfect weekends!!!

Katie said...

p.s. i forgot to mention that i have a 30+ page paper due tomorrow and 3 exams next week. hee hee! :)

Little Fish said...

Yea! I'm so glad you had such a great weekend. I spent the weekend with my BFF! It was fantastic :)

Maris said...

Your mess will still be there next weeK. So glad you enjoyed a nice weekend!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Sometimes good weather HAS to trump all other plans. Instead of cleaning our house Saturday afternoon, we hung out outside with our neighbors playing bags and letting the dogs run free.

Cass said...

Good weather makes ALL the difference. I wanted to do pretty much everything on your list and did nothing like that.

Instead I went to see Cats, up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and visited local wineries.

WAY more fun.

Frank said...

I prefer the stuff you actually did over the stuff you should've done. I got to spend all Saturday at at track meet, the weather was absolutely wonderful.

Ashley said...

Glad you had a good weekend! The laundry can always wait.

Anonymous said...

Celebrated Irish's sisters birthday with the funfetti cupcakes.
Watched Moonstruck while eating cereal
Beer Festival with good friends
Two naps throughout the whole weekend
Spent Saturday night with myself and loved it
Saw "Sunshine Cleaning"
Did four loads of my laundry and four loads of Irish's laundry (with his help, of course)
Played Scratchers Lottery Tickets
Tried a new Mexican restaurant (wasn't that good)
Finished a book and started a new one
Took Jack on tons of walks!

Amandaaa said...

Your weekend sounds awesome, as
far as I'm concerned. Baking cookies, Gilmore girls, reading in bed, swings, visiting your college, umm...GREAT stuff! ceiling fan is terribly
dusty as well. After reading about
your's, I checked mine out and cringed. I think I'll take care of
the mess right now!

Carissa said...

I also should have washed my clothes and cleaned my closet! but I was doing other to-do list errands instead, like washing the dishes, going grocery shopping, etc. I say, as long as you do something fun and worthwhile (like it sounds you did) instead of errands, it's ok to slack on the to-do list. not so ok if all you do is watch TV :) which I have been guilty of in the past...

oh, I wish I could have taken my pup, Hazel, to the park but she has a bum foot, so maybe next week! I have been dying to take her to the "duck park" in my town. She would get a kick out of that :)

Auburn Kat said...

Could Sandy be any cuter? Seriously?!?

My closet is in major need of a clenaing too...which I should be doing right now but don't feel like it!

Bayjb said...

Do NOT feel bad about that. Things like cleaning or doing laundry are on the standard weekend to-do list. Your weekend sounds like more fun anyhow :)

michellewoo said...

Pretty, pretty flowers!

Wow, you actually clean your ceiling fan? Impressive!

AntonucciFamily said...

I'm glad you and Sandy had fun at the park! Weekends as beautiful as this one was should not be spent indoors!!

kc mom said...

Sometimes you really do need to just STOP and smell the roses....literally!!! Glad you had a GREAT weekend.
I went to Kiersten's competition on Saturday, then to the park with Christian. Sunday I was nothing but a vegetable, and I enjoyed every single minute of it!!!