Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Questions and Answers

I've gotten a few questions on my last few posts and have some questions from this post that were left for me to answer so today we have a Q&A session.

How do I get tickets to the Beauty Bash? General information about the beauty bash typically comes out sometime in November on this site. The info for the package weekend (which includes a hotel, dinner, a few extra goodies and a Saturday session) comes out first. Based on that info I booked a hotel room before I even know when the individual tickets were even going to go on sale. In January, there was more info stating when the form form for tickets would be available. This year it was on Presidents day at 9:00. By noon both Sunday sessions were full so you have to be incredibly quick. There is a special form that has to be filled out then faxed or emailed back to QVC. Then you cross your fingers, pray to the QVC gods, and refresh your email every 10 minutes until you get an email back from QVC saying that yes indeed you were able to secure tickets. Its stressful and next year I may be springing for the package weekend as it tended to not sell out as quickly.

What is a Tumblr? Good question and I don't really have an answer. I've seen different people use them for different things -- some people use them as blogs, others use them as a place to share interior decorating or fashion ideas. Nora and I are using ours as something between a twitter and a blog. Twitter limits you to 140 characters. Blogs are places where we discuss things that are going on in our lives or thoughts going through our head. Leave Happier for us (and we hope for you too!), is a postive place where we can go to "get away" from things so to speak. We are constantly bombarded by news of layoffs, this or that corporation going under, war escalating over there from all sorts of media outlets. Our tumblr is where we are able to go to be reminded, even if only for a moment, that there is beauty all around us; we just need to look for it.

Amandaaa asked: Favorite drink of choice? What do you do for a living? What would you rather be doing? My favorite drink of choice is water, water, and more water. I gave up my hard core caffeine habit addiction (6-10 HUGE cups of coffee a day, plus diet soda) at the end of last year. Replacing all that crap with water is one of the best things I've done for myself. I do indulge in a cup of coffee, chai, or iced tea every once in a while maybe once every few weeks. I try not to discuss what I do for a living on my blog -- suffice it say that I work on a university campus but not with college students and I use google, a lot. As for what I would rather be doing, I would love to work in a museum doing archives. I am hoping to go back to school to get my MLIS which would allow me to pursue that. My ultimate dream job though, would be to work for QVC!

Auburn Kat wants to know what my favorite smell is. I dont know that I can pick just one. Even though I no longer drink it often freshly brewed coffee is always a favorite as is just about any confectionery goodness baking in the oven. I also love the clean, fresh scent of newly washed clothes. Anything Philosophy. The smell that comes after a rain. Freshly baked bread. The smell of my grandfathers berry bushes. There aren't a whole lot of scents I dont like -- however, I do have allergies so a lot of flowery scents and I don't get along very well.

Andy asked: Why aren't you coming to the Old Continent to study and is Sandy going to go through all the cuteness of being a mom?I would love to go to Europe to study. Perhaps someday I will get there. A lot of people who have an MLIS degree, get a second graduate degree so maybe I can get that one in the old Continent. =) No Sandy isn't going to be a mom. We adopted her from a rescue and she was already spayed. A lot of the dogs that are rescued from the organization we used come from puppy mills where the dogs are for the sole purpose of breeding. Truthfully, I don't know that I would ever breed any of my dogs. Puppies are a lot of work.

Anything else I've forgotten or you wanted to know?

I also really need to get back to responding to comments, I've gotten away from that and it makes me sad.


Ashley said...

Now I'm trying to guess at your career. Are your grad school apps in already? If so, then you did that with remarkably little complaining. ;)

Kat said...

Water is my best friend. I've always drank a ton of water, I drink a gallon or more every day. Good for you for drinking more water!

Anonymous said...

Water is my favorite. I drink it all the time. My coworkers laugh at me because of it.

I'm rather intrigued by the Beauty Bash... I'll have to keep it mind for the future =)

Cameo said...

I loves me my agua! When I quit drinking heavily (alcohol) I became obsessed with water. I drink a minimum of a gallon a day. But I still MUST have my 2 cups of coffee/chai every morning. The only drawback to so much water? I have to pee all the time and I abhor going to the bathroom, it's such a waste of time. Asa hates it too. That's my boy! BTW, luvin' following you on Twitter.

Auburn Kat said...

Great answers!

As you know, I have to drink water all the time!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Yeah, I still don't get the whole Tumblr thing. Both you and Nory have tried to appease my burden of a question. But, to me, it's just another blog. I still adore you guys anyway. PS - Next time you go to the Beauty Bash, why not sneak in your resume? You just never know what could happen!!!!

Frank said...

I have no idea what Tumblr or Twitter are...I feel so old and out of touch :( When I was a lad, Myspace was all the rage.

Little Fish said...

OK since it's my dream to work at a museum too lets just start our own library. What could it be... hmmm... Oh how about the Museum of Awesomeness. It can be dedicated to how awesome you and I are!

amanda said...

Yay! The QVC event sounds like
such a treat. I am definitely
going to look into it next
year. (seeing as I have a job by then and can afford it) But then we could
have a wonderful bloggie meet-up.
How sweet that'd be!

Bayjb said...

I have a Tumblr site, but I'm not always the best about updating it. I need to et better, but I try hard :)

kc mom said...

I know all about BB at QVC--thanks to you--ofcourse. So sad I miss out on this years, but it won't happen next year. Don't use twitter and never heard of tumblr!!! It's been bugging me ALL THIS TIME what you actually DO at the university!! I knew Sandy wouldn't be a mom :( I had NO idea you gave up coffee!!! Now, that's impressive. You would have seen the bitchy posts from me had I given it up. I wish I could substitute water instead--I think my whole family would move out on me.
Lastly, and most important, I have missed your commenting back in the comments---looking forward to it!!!

Andy said...

You DO know I was joking, right? Hahaha...

ANYWAY... I hope to have you around there soon. Really.

Mandy said...

Ashley -- yes, grad school application has been sent. I didnt really have time to complain. =)

Kat -- a gallon? Wow.

Nory -- Please do, it would be fun to have a blogger meet up there. And who doesn't like free right?

Cameo -- Really a gallon, you too? I dont think I drink that much. I'm glad you're finally using your twitter. =)

Auburn Kat -- Thanks! Yes, I know and I cant imagine, you are one tough cookie.

Nilsa -- you're right, it is like having another blog. Its a great creative outlet for us. I adore you too.

Frank -- get with the times Old Man. (which is pretty funny considering I'm older than you.)

Amandaaa -- ummm, yeah and pretty much count on a meet up the next time I am in that general vicinity. =)

Babyjb -- I enjoy your tumblr site. That coach hat was fab!

kcmom -- Yes giving up coffee wasn't pleasant and at times made me physically ill, but so worth it in the end.

Andy -- yes, I figured you were joking, atleast about the dog. Haha.

Mandy said...

Little Fish -- MOST definitely! I love your idea and the title of the library. Sometimes we're so alike it scares me.

Maris said...

I like history and think it would be really cool to work in a museum. I'm a total dork but I love old, scary stories!