Friday, April 24, 2009

Lasting Impressions 12

(This weeks Lasting Impressions post was written by the very talented Katie from Scattered Starlight who has a gift for using words in an incredibly beautiful way.)

I went to Wicked this weekend and as I was leaving I saw two old women walking down the stairs holding hands to keep each other from falling.

“That’s going to be us,” I thought to myself.

Even though my best friend lives farther away than I like to think about, I still feel like she’s in walking distance. When I text her that I’ve had a song from the Buffy Musical* in my head all day, she calls and sings her best operatic impressions of that song. When my Grandma died, she flew in the next day.

It’s always been like that though. When she got married, I time off from work to make sure she didn’t flip out too much beforehand. When I got good news about my dad, I called her first and we both cried tears of joy on the phone. It wasn’t real until we cried about it together.

When we were walking down a street and fighting (honestly the only fight we’ve ever had) a bird crapped on her head. Because the universe doesn’t it like it when we fight.

The first time we realized we were going to be old biddies** together, we were in Italy just exploring. Near an amazing church we met two awesome Italian grandmas and had a conversation of sorts. They didn’t speak a word of English, and we didn’t speak a lick of Italian—but we still manage to cover everything from sightseeing to friendship to loves (her boyfriend was with us). Isn’t it amazing how you don’t need to be able to speak the same language to talk to people?

As we walked away from them, we looked at each other said (almost at the same time) “That’s going to be us one day.”

And there’s not any doubt in my mind that it will be.

There’s so much more that I want to tell you about why she's the best, but instead I think I’m going to go call her now.

*Yes, we’re total nerds, what of it?
** In red dresses, purple hats, and fabulous heels (even if we have to use a cane to walk in them).


Anonymous said...

I love posts like this. It reminds me to take a look at all of my wonderful friends... and then I call them. Forever Life Friends are the best. And I love the Lasting Impressions posts you do each week. So inspiring.

amanda said...

aren't friends like that the

i kept nodding as i was reading.
as in, yes, yes, yes...this is
all glorious!

(especially when you talked about being italy and how regardless of the language-you still understood just what each other were saying! i volunteered in ecuador-and that's EXACTLY how it was with my very little spanish)

ps-wicked is amazinggggg.

Little Fish said...

Yea for BFF's!!