Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Big Kids Club

For most holidays, my family gathers at my grandparents and Easter was no exception. It consisted of me trying to avoid my great grandmother who still thinks my name is Amanda and being civil to my grandma even though she still tries to get digs in here or there because I'm not living life according to her expectations. Thankfully the weather was nice so I was able to escape outside and enjoy the beautiful day. I am one of eight grandchildren, for the past several years we've been classified as the older four and the younger four. We older four grandkids are all legal adults (even though we may not act like it) who have full time jobs, freedom to come and go as we please (not having to listen to parents), and have vehicles -- the complete trifecta according to our younger cousins.

My cousin K is only a few days away from her 14th birthday. During the past few family gatherings shes sort of gravitated away from the youngest three cousins playing with legos, lincoln logs, or whatever it is little kids play with these days and joins my older cousins and I. Today we were just sitting around outside taking about work, plans for the up coming weeks, and we may or may not have been making fun of one of the youngest cousins for his inability to count Easter eggs in his basket. When she and I went inside for round two of hitting the dessert table she said "You know Mandy, I really like talking with you older ones, its more fun than playing." After spending a little more time hanging out, we all went our separate ways again.

Shortly after arriving home, I received a text message from K expressing her desire to be in the "Big Kids Club" and all the valid reasons she should be allowed to join including the ability to keep her mouth shut(some of the younger kids are still at the tattle tale stage) which where her words not mine. Based on my status as oldest grandchild, I made the executive decision to admit her to the club (which I didn't know existed prior to our conversation). After several text messages and a phone call assuring her that yes, she was indeed now a "big kid" she told me how cool it was to be the 5th person in the club.

I remember being her age. It was tough. Shes old enough to be included on our rants about certain family members and let in on some of the secrets we've discovered over the years (like where our grandma keeps the sweets she claims she doesn't have). To K, being in the Big Kids Club is a pretty big deal. It means we recognize the fact that shes no longer a little girl and respect her opinions and thoughts. She's excited by the fact that she's now "official." She likes knowing that we enjoy hanging out with her because we want too, not just because we feel like we have to. In her words someone needs to spread the word we're now the older five and younger three.

We four older cousins may have just found out today the "Big Kids Club" existed but according to K she's been waiting her whole life to be a member.


Andy said...

From my mother's side, we're 7 grandchildren.

I'm the first one, then my other cousin is one year younger and the other cousin is like a month younger than the previous. We're all girl, and we get along super great.

Then, there's my other cousin who is like 14, then my other cousin who's like 12 and then my sister who's 11. 2 boys, one girl and they get along.

Then, my youngest cousin is 5 years old. And he has no playmates. So, he's welcome in the first group, because we love him and play with him, because the middle kids think they're too cool for him.

What they don't know is that we're the cool club ;)

Auburn Kat said...

There are three grandkids in my family and I am the youngest. On my mother's side of the family sometimes I think they think I am incapable of making my own decisions with my life and I'm always being lectured on how to do laundry, clean, my job, etc. It drives me absolutely nuts! On the other side of the family, it's just my sister and I and my grandparents never once have criticized me. I love both sides just as much, they are just different.

Anonymous said...

i love it! on my dads side, the 'big kids' were his youngest brother and sister-who never admitted me or my sister into anything, in fact to this day we are still treated as though we are the little kids!

kc mom said...

Kiersten became a member of the "big kids club" about 2 years ago. I have to say, it is very strange to have my daughter in the same group as me. Ofcourse, I could just behave like the "proper" adult and leave myself---but, that will never happen!!!
It is so nice that K looks up to you so much and has the ability to go freely to you with her desires and wishes!!!! Kudos to you for recognizing her need and understanding the awkward age!!

Kylie said...

On my mom's side there was the four older kids & the six younger kids for most of the time. I was lucky to have a cousin the same age as me and only two older than us, which were his brothers. So it was always me & my three boy cousins and then the six younger cousins, two of which were my siblings. I totally know what you mean about having the 'clubs' although, like you, I didn't always know that they existed!

Ps- My word verification is "cousn"
Kinda freaky!?

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

This is so funny because in my house, all the adults (i.e., my parents and aunts and uncles) fight to sit at the kids table (with my cousin, my brother and me). Isn't it funny how perspective is everything?

Anonymous said...

That's pretty adorable! Glad she's part of the group now.

And my grandma still gets digs in on me too. It's eternally frustrating.

Glad you had a great day =)

amanda said...

Aw shucks. That story is
so adorable! K sounds like
a doll. I'm excited for her
initiation into the big, bad
club. She totally sounds like
a deserving member, indeed!

Maris said...

LOL love this story. I've been joking with my single aunt that at my cousin's wedding (my cousin is her niece also) that they better not put us at the kids table since we aren't +1 :)

Unknown said...

That is so sweet! My "new" 10-year old niece was a Junior Bridesmaid in our wedding. She was invited to the bridesmaid brunch and recieved a clutch purse as a present just like the other girls.
She was so excited to be included in all the adult activities. And I think she even got to wear a training bra under her dress. Such an adorable age!

Frank said...

I was always like that. I'd always hang out with my sisters and try to sit at the "grown-up" table at holidays like Christmas. Usually they let me because I could keep quiet and not act like a dork.

Now that I think about it, there really aren't any "little" cousins around anymore...the youngest is probably 16 by now.

Ashley said...

Ah, that's sweet. I guess I'm kind of like a middle child when it comes to my extended family, but my brother and sister are part of the Big Kid's Club, so I fit in very strangely. Family dynamics are so strange.

Little Fish said...

That is so freaking adorable! I love it! Can I be in the Big Kids Club too?

Bayjb said...

Oh the Big Kids club. You always want to be in and then the reality of it sets in. So cute though!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

awwwww! my cousin jenna (16) just got in the big kids club recently :)

the ghost overground said...

So I was reading Nora's post... and then I went to yalls tumblr, and then from yalls tumblr I found your blog, and now that I feel like a super stalker I wanted to say HI! and that your going back to school is so inspiring to me. I have been dragging my feet at a super depressing job, but grad school has been on the back burner...I might be moving it to a side burner pretty soon.

Cameo said...

I am sobbing right now (which lately is almost an hourly occurrence) because I remember being the young one. Trina always told me that I "didn't count" until I was 13. She let me come of age early, when I was 12. I'm one of 20+ cousins (that's on my mom's side. The number for my dad's side is closer to 100) and even now, when I get around other cousins who I always looked up to when I was little, I feel a bit intimidated. I'm 33 years old with a 2 year old girl and I still feel like one of the young ones. What you did for you cousin this past weekend is something that she will treasure and will count as a turning point in her life as long as she lives.