Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yup, I'm Single

(Todays guest post is brought to you by the awesome Auburn Kat, who I fully intend on becoming friends with in real life as soon as the weather gets better!)

Why does it seem like every single person that becomes one of my friends on Facebook from my college or high school days is married and has kids? What the heck has happened?

I always thought that I would be married by now and I would have at least one kid before I turned 30. Well, my 30th birthday is less than 6 months away (crap) and unless some sort of a miracle has happened I will not be having a baby before I turn 30. Not that I want to have baby at this point in my life but that’s where I thought I would be.

Which brings me to my point; I have accepted the fact that I am single and am perfectly content with that….well, most of the time. In my opinion, the best part about not being in a relationship is that I don’t have to compromise and I’m not constantly worrying.

It doesn’t bother me anymore when people ask me why I’m still single or if I ever think that I will get married. It also doesn’t bother me when I lay down at night and I don’t have anyone to kiss or kiss me goodnight. Although, I’m not going to lie, I do miss certain parts of relationships but not enough to be in a relationship just to be in one.

Do I want to meet someone and fall in love? Absolutely! But the fact that I am single doesn’t keep me up at night.


Auburn Kat said...

Thanks for letting me guest post=)

Stacy said...

I totally agree with you. When people ask me why I'm single I use my failsafe bridget jones quote "because I have scales."

Anonymous said...

I'm with you AK. I really don't mind being single so much anymore!

jamie said...

I am in total agreement, here. I don't mind at all. I just spent a great weekend with one of my best girlfriends, and we had a blast--and we didn't care. It's fun, I think! :)

fiona said...

"fact that I am single doesn’t keep me up at night."
Now being in a "good" ;-) relationship might just change that sleep pattern! LOL

Anonymous said...

the facebook phenomenon is so annoying. i'm going through round 10 of my friends becoming engaged/marrying/baby-ing it up.

I'm not sure I understand the need for the rush.

amanda said...

I'll kiss you goodnight!