Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How To Make A First Impression

(Today's guest post was written by one of my favorite Ohio bloggers, alexa from cleveland's a plum. One of these days I am going to drive to Cleveland to drink with her.)

when i was a freshman in high school i wore this ridiculous maroon colored lipstick that was too dark for my skin tone but i was just starting to experiment with make-up, i had an excuse. as a 14 year old i slathered this crap on, giving my lips the "perfect pout", (yeah right).

let's set the scene: it's a friday morning in between third and forth period, and the halls were rowdy.

it was the day of the canton central catholic crusaders vs st thomas aquinas knights football game, the biggest game of the season where the two local catholic high schools took it to the field to keep or take the coveted lance.

but back to the school halls.

as a freshman you are the lowest form of life in the high school food chain. and while i was a popular well liked student, that doesn't really mean jack to the seniors.

with it being football season, and the day of a big pep rally the entire football team was dressed in slacks and ties. of course the senior players looked the hottest, because they seemed like absolute giants to a 14 year old freshman.

but no one was a giant like the captain of the team, he was smart, cute and funny. the typical jock with a heart and i loved him. the likelihood of him even knowing who i was was slim to none but that didn't stop me from starring at his 6'3" body.

which was exactly what i was doing when i guaranteed that he never would forget my face.

like i mentioned earlier the halls were rowdy and packed. but i was lucky enough to be walking behind the football team captain with one of my friends laughing about something when the captain suddenly stopped and quickly turned around causing me to run right into him.

face first,

with my mouth WIDE OPEN,

with gobs and gobs of dark maroon lipstick on.

leaving a massive open mouth lipstick mark on his sparkling white oxford right over his nipple.

he looked at me, i looked at him and i didn't know what to do but run away.

i saw him again after the next period and his fellow teammates were given him shit about the "man boob kiss" that a random freshman girl gave him.


what made it worse was that as he was giving is prep rally speech in front of the entire school of 500 students and faculty he pointed to his shirt and gave "the random freshman girl who gave him a semi-permanent good luck kiss" a shout out.


but hey, they won the game that night, and i got lucky with the most popular kid in schools nipple.


Stacy said...

that. is. AWESOME! (especially looking back and being able to laugh about it..hehe)

Kylie said...

Great story!! At least you can laugh it off now!!

Marie said...

hahahahahahaha! awesome story! can't stop laughing!

Anonymous said...

Haha - that's fantastic. Gotta love a shout out at a pep rally. Did you keep wearing that lipstick after?

Fizzgig said...

Hmmm well, in high school, that would have been devastating.

Funny how that is replaced now with things like...paying the rent on time.

Man boob kissing. what a trend setter.

paperback reader said...

I'd try to think of similar memories from high school, but I don't think that could lead to anything good.

rachaelgking said...

Oh, that maroon lipstick. I knew it well.

(Notice I didn't say WEAR it well.)

Allison M. said...

holy crap that was awesome! you got a shoutout for kind of making out with the football captain's boob.

Unknown said...

So, was it good for you?

The Alleged Ringleader said...

That is a cute story! At least he gave you a shout out! It could have been waaayyyyy worse!

Anonymous said...

BEST. STORY. EVER. hahaha...that's hilare!

Auburn Kat said...

That is awesome!!!! That brought me back to my freshman year...oh the joys!

Rashmi Panwar said...

Thank you for sharing this post, awesome i loved it.

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