Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Lovin’ Spoonful

(This guest post comes by way of my great friend and big city counterpart Little Fish.)

On April 8th Passover will begin. It has always been my favorite holiday because it embodies so many of my favorite things like history, singing, being surrounded by friends and family and of course lots and lots of food. My Mom, like every good Jewish mother, will make her amazing chicken soup and, because it’s Passover, it will have the addition of delicious matzah balls made from a recipe that’s been in my mother’s family for generations.

In case you couldn’t tell I love my Mom’s chicken soup. With every bite I savor the taste of the rich broth; I delight in every dough bite of matzah ball and as I eat a smile will spread across my space. The joy that I feel is in part due to eating food that I love, but there is so much more to it than that because, as I eat, I can feel the love that has been contained in that pot of soup. It’s a love for my family and love that my family feels for me; a love of home and love of my heritage.

The aroma of my mother’s soup takes me back to childhood as I remember waking up on mornings before holidays were to begin to the smell of my mother’s cooking filling the house. I would wander sleepily downstairs and my mother would ask me to taste a spoonful of soup just to make sure it was good. As if it could ever be bad!

I would watch, eagerly trying to learn, as my Mom prepared the matzah balls. I loved to hear that this was really the only recipe that had been passed down through the women in my family. The recipe followed my family from Germany to the United States where they came as refugees. I laughed as we discuss how my Great-Grandmother, who I was blessed to have until I was 24 and she 98, was a terrible dreadful cook, but even she could make these matzah balls taste delicious.

After the soup and matzah balls were done and in the refrigerator I would help my Mom prepare all the other foods that I love, but only got to enjoy a few times a year. Cooking with my Mom was, and is, one of my favorite things to do. Luckily, my Mom is a great cook and I got my knowledge and love of cooking from her. Of course helping my mother gave me a sense of accomplishment, but made it all that much hardly to patiently wait for dinner where I could enjoy the fruits of our labor. The wait was not easy, but it was always worth it.

Though I am know 31 years old, when I go to my parents house on April 8th, most of what I’ve just described will still go on. Now, however, I do all this knowing that one day I will pass this food and love, pride and knowledge on to the children I will have some day.

There are so many examples of love all around us. Of course there are times when examples of love require a man getting down on one knee or a girlfriend spending hours on the phone with you as you cry over your latest heart break. Sometimes though, all you need is one delicious spoonful of soup to know that there is love all around you.


Little Fish said...

Thanks Sis

Mandy said...

Thank YOU! I loved this post, it reminded me of my favorite comfort food from my childhood. I think its so awesome that this recipe is passed down from generation to generation. I thought my family had that once, but turns out, that chocolate chip cookie recipe is printed on the back of all Toll House bags.

Little Fish said...

OK I really need to proofread better next time! Ugh!

Mandy said...

If you think that about yours, you must think mine are horrible. I make my own grammar rules. :-)

Tiffany said...

love this post. passover is agreat holiday!!

Auburn Kat said...

My favorite comfort food is pierogies. They are sooo good! In fact I had some for dinner tonight that my grandmother made from scratch...yum! =)