Friday, February 13, 2009

Lasting Impressions Two

(Todays Lasting Impressions post was written by my Central American blogger friend Andy from Life Isn't So Terribe After All.)

Hi guys! I’m Andy from Life Isn’t So Terrible After All. I’m a 18 year old student in a French LycĂ©e in a little country in Central America called El Salvador. I’m graduating in July, and then the plan is to leave to France to study Engineering in September. I think last week’s post left me a pretty high bar… Not to mention tomorrow is Valentine’s Day (Talk about pressure).

The friendship topic is quite vast, and the term itself is quite complicated to define. In fact, what is friendship exactly? According to Wikipedia, “friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more people.” Though I find the previous definition correct, I still think there’s something missing. You can’t define friendship by an act of cooperation. I still think it’s hard to define, but I think an example will be better.

I’ve had the luck to have the same classmates since I was in pre-kindergarten. My classmates have been the same since I was 4. As a result, we’ve all grown up together. I would never think, not even in my craziest dreams, to date one of my classmates. They’re like my brothers, so that’d make it a little bit incestive. Ew.

In spite of all the bullying I had to suffer, I’ve learnt to care a lot for each one of them. And now our senior year is half-way through, I’m starting to wonder how it’ll be without them. I’ve been used to be surrounded by the same people for the past 15 years. We’ve shared so many things, I really can’t see my life without them.

In consequence, I’ve known my best friends since I was 4. They haven’t been my best friends since those days, BUT we’ve been childhood friends for years now. Out of my 4 best friends, my “newest” one has been best friends with me for 8 years now.

With them, I’ve shared it all. And by “all” I mean ALL. They know everything about me (even more than myself sometimes), and I know almost everything about them (hey! not everyone is as open as I am). They’ve been there for me to share my joys, my sadnesses, my disappointments, my hopes, etc. Everything.

We’re all very different from each other. There’s the Nobody-gets-me girl, the Bohemian girl, the Sweet-Girl-Next-Door girl, the Loud girl and me, the Trustworthy-and-Caring one (I know, how humble… but that's how my best friend Andie described me when I asked her to do it). If you think we sound an odd group of friends, you’re right. We’re all so different and yet so… compatible. We click. Instantly. We’re tailor-made for each other. It seems right to be with them. It seems wrong not to.

Therefore, when I go ahead on time a few months from now and I realize each one of us is having a new life, it breaks my heart. We’re all going to France (hopefully), but we won’t be together. Two of them are coming with me to Lyon (again, hopefully) but we’ll be in different universities, with different people, with different careers, with different schedules, etc. Let’s not even get into the other 2 who won’t be at a metro/tramway/bus-ride distance.

I think that as many other things, our friendship will overcome the distance, but changes are imminent. But I still hope that the 5 of us meeting will be for me like coming home.

PS. The first one was the first concert we went to back in 2004. The second was for my 18th birthday a few months back. We've definitely improved in the past 4 years, don't you think?


Ray said...

Good luck with this next phase of your friends are people who you can talk to after a few months and it will feel like just yesterday.

Andy said...

Thank you Mandy for letting me participate in this!! I hope you liked it!

PS. Ray : Thank you ;)

Mandy said...

Friends that have been through times like these with you are simply amazing. Can't wait to see what the next few years hold for you all!