Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twenty Five Randoms And A Question

This is going around Facebook, I typically don't do them but I caved. =)

1. I love musical theater, Wicked is my favorite.

2. I prefer late nights rather than early mornings.

3. I am incredibly liberal and proud of it.

4. I would rather sit at the kids table (recently renamed the cousins table) instead of the adult table at just about any family function, its just more fun.

5. I bought my first car based solely on the fact that it was yellow--no test driving, no mechanics inspection or anything like that. The first time I drove it was after I had already signed the papers.

6. I don't want children of my own.

7. QVC is my weakness, its also the place where I would love to work. I go there at least once a year.

8. I had severe allergies as a kid and gave myself weekly allergy shots for several years.

9. I have been known to consult a Magic Eight Ball when making decisions at work. Don't laugh, you should try it sometime.

10. I am a homebody.

11. I adore my KitchenAid mixer.

12. I took tap dancing lessons for 12 years and had high heeled tap shoes which is remarkable considering the fact that now I have no coordination and detest wearing heels.

13. I like peanut butter on waffles.

14. I am a child at heart and hope I always remain that way.

15. I take my dog to get her picture taken with Santa Claus, she is spoiled, more so than some children, I wouldn't have it any other way.

16. The local library thinks I'm dead, I may or may not have faked my own death to avoid paying a large fine.

17. I loathe winter, if I could get away with not leaving my house all winter, I would. I really should move to the south or south west.

18. I am completely disorganized in just about every aspect of my life, I dislike when everything is neat and in order.

19. Gilmore Girls is my favorite tv show, I don't even watch much tv anymore because I find it mind numbing.

20. I prefer reading and will read just about anything but chick lit, I find that mind numbing as well. I will read some of it on occasion but not very often.

21. I get ridiculously happy with simple things like finding $5 in a purse I haven't used for a while or when a favorite song is played on the radio.

22. I rely entirely way to much on technology -- I only know a few phone numbers by heart and Google just about everything. I would be in a lot of trouble if I lost my cell phone or Google ceased to exist.

23. Nine times out of ten I don't have any cash on me, but yet I always seem to have a wallet full of pennies.

24. I take a lot of pictures and specialize in self-portraits.

25. I love craft type stores, own a lot of crafting material, don't use most of it and probably never will. With the exception of occasionally making cards and a brief stint knitting beer cozies I am not the least bit crafty.

Back to regular, normal posts next week. For some reason I just haven't been able to focus long enough to put together a coherent post. I'm not tagging anyone but please feel free to tell us here in blog-land some completely random things about yourself.

I've been thinking about starting a series about friendships on Fridays that would involve all of you! I have been thinking about my friendships both past and present. Would anyone be interested in writing a post about their friendships -- old friends, internet friends, childhood friendships, unusual friendships, friendships gone bad, friendship vacations, etc. You can email me the post and it would be posted here and linked to you (or not if you have a private blog). I enjoy reading all of your blogs and a series is a way to get to know other readers, find new blogs, or talk about something you wouldn't on your blog (if you have a certain type of blog, like a food related blog). Please leave a comment or email me (email on the sidebar) if you would be interested.


Little Fish said...

I lready commented on facebook so I'll just say hi. Hi.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the Gilmore Girls. Also, my friend works at QVC!

Erin said...

Gilmore Girls is my favorite show too! I quote it regularly.

I am actually having a friend problem that I would love to post about, but I can't do it on my own blog.

Andy said...

I'm SO going to laugh when you get children, Mandy. Really, realy laugh. In compensation, you can also laugh when I get children. *shudder*

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE Gilmore Girls. I watch the re-runs every morning while I'm getting ready to go to school.

And my crafty habilities are just jewelry-making habilities. I've been working on a few charms lately (one of which I PROMISE to send you once I have the time to get to the post office).

And count me in for the friendship potst!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the one that you say you google everything! Do you have igoogle? lol! web history!

Mandy said...

Little Fish -- that wasn't my intention, I just really do love it! Hi. LOL.

CoffeeGirl -- WHAT? You have a friend working at QVC. What do they do? I need a hook up, no joke.

Erin -- You can have my blog for a day. Feel free to email me your post.

Andy -- as of now, the only child i envision myself having are furry four legged dogs.

Amy -- No I don't use igoogle but I honestly google everything -- personally and professionally.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i was a tap dancer too!

also, i never have cash on me either - that's what debit cards are for, duh.

Ray said...

I would love to write a friendship post for you! :)

Mandy said...

Alexa -- I agree, paper money is old fashioned.

Ray -- I would love to have you write a post!!

Vanessa said...

I refuse to do the 25 Things from Facebook thing. I love your list though and we share so many of the same things. I am a homebody, very liberal, don't want kids, take my dogs to see Santa and while I don't already have one, covet the Kitchen Aide!

Jen said...

i have a giant plastic drawer thing in our basement storage area FULL of crafty supply things, that i never use-but that does not stop me from enjoying the crafty stores or even from time to time splurging on something...

count me in on the friendships!!!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

#23 - me too!! I never have cash and I use my debit card to pay for things that are lik $1.79! My assistant is a bar tender and always ahs cash and finds it annoying that I never have any. I also have tons of pennies in my change purse! Pennies are almost completely worthless!

Auburn Kat said...

Sadly I haven't used my KitchenAid mixer that much, granted I'm not really surprised by this.

I loved reading this list!

michellewoo said...

A yellow car would make me very happy. I'd also feel a bit like a cab driver, but a happy one!

Anonymous said...

Cool blog. :) Remember when they were going to take Gilmore Girls off the air and all their fans wrote in so they didn't...that was a cool display of the power of the consumer. ;)