Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sometimes I....

Sometimes I use the expression "Dude!" more times than is socially acceptable, especially for a non-surfer 20-something from the midwest who's friends say the same thing.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person who can change a roll of toilet paper both at home and work (really its not that complicated, especially at work, you just rotate the dial and a new roll drops down, what's so hard about it?).

Sometimes I love that my friends know me so well they make plans for me and tell me about them a day or two before the actual events, because I do that to them as well.

Sometimes I spend the entire day emailing back and forth with one of my friends, her sister laughs and says it reminds her of the movie "You've Got Mail."

Sometimes I forget to give the dog fresh water before I leave the house in the morning, but luckily my brother or stepdad remember when I don't.

Sometimes I put dinner together the night before and forget to put it in the crock pot the next morning.

Sometimes I make a list of things I need to do, and lose the list before I've accomplished any of it.

Sometimes I get really excited about weekend plans and cross my fingers that bad weather doesn't interfere with them.

Sometimes I want to cry, kick things and scream "its not fair," but I can't because I know my friend needs me to be strong for her as she prepares to battle against cancer for the second time in 14 months.

Sometimes I laugh through my tears when that same friend is blasting the Rocky fight song in the background while calling friends to let them know her cancer is back.

Sometimes I am amazed when other bloggers and I have so much in common even though we have such incredibly different lives.

Sometimes I think curling my hair instead of straightening it, makes me look more put together.

Sometimes I am too lazy to get out of bed early enough to curl my hair.

Sometimes I lose my gloves and it takes me a good twenty minutes to get the feeling back in my fingers after I scrape the ice off of my windshield in single digit temperatures, gloveless.

Sometimes I read things like this and get a little teary eyed, because it is hard for us to remember that our world leaders are someones dad or mom.

Sometimes I forget that life is not and can not be perfect, but that with all the little flaws and big battles it is entirely worth it.

Your turn, fill in the blank. Sometimes I...

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Brittany said...

thank you for the comment! i'm working hard to get it up and running. i love this post, i might steal the idea!

Auburn Kat said...

Sometimes I am also amazed by how similar I am to other bloggers who have very different lives than I do!

Try and have a good night!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

confession: i have never used a crock pot. and honestly i don't think i have EVER EVER eaten something that came from a crock pot.

sometimes i wish i could go back four years and do it all differently.

LBluca77 said...

"Sometimes I am amazed when other bloggers and I have so much in common even though we have such incredibly different lives."

I feel the same way.

Andy said...

I think Auburn Kat and Lbluca said it all.

Though we are in completely different places, I can't believe how many commong things we have with each other, Mandy.

Sometimes I wonder if the differences between humans are smethign created by the men themselves.

michellewoo said...

dude, dude is a great word.

jamie said...

I agree with AK--sometimes I feel like we are all living the same emotions in different worlds--very strange, yet comforting!

I overuse dude, too.

Anna said...

I can agree with like all of these, especially the first one, haha!

Kylie said...

Sometimes I say silly things when my husband is in a bad mood just to hear him laugh!!

Great post! If you don't mind, I will probably steal your idea!!

Ashley D said...

I think I do all these things too. Especially the curling the hair thing :)

Katelin said...

i say dude sooooo much, it's ridiculous sometimes.

Bayjb said...

I also use "dude" way too much. Like it's beyond socially acceptable for someone my age.

Little Fish said...

How did I miss this on my google reader? I'm so sorry about your friend.

Sometimes, like now, I send virtual hugs to my blogger buddies because even virtual hugs help!

Thanks so much for posting the link to my survey!

Frank said...

Sometimes I feel that the people here in blogland are more caring and supportive than my real life friends.

Jess said...

I am with you on the toilet paper thing. When I lived in France it seemed like I was always the one changing the toilet paper at my host family's house. I used to wonder how it ever got changed before I moved in.

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

I am working on teaching my 17 month old to say Dude right now, so he'll fit in with me and his dad.