Friday, December 19, 2008

That Christmas Feeling

In an hour I officially kick off my Christmas break. I am beyond excited. Some years it takes me a while to get into the Christmas spirit, other years I'm not sure I find it at all. This year however, I found the Christmas feeling before Thanksgiving. And now its that spirit is out in full force.

Christmas cards are arriving (some from fellow bloggers, which makes me happy)! Just about everywhere you go Christmas music is piping through stereos. Baking has been started and holiday party menus are planned. I've already opened a few presents. Presents are already under the tree. I've driven around to look at Christmas lights. That Christmas feeling is in the air!

I think this year too, I am inspired by everything that you, my fellow bloggers, are doing to make the holiday better for someone else. You've made wishes on behalf of others, collected toys, raised money, given your time, talents, and money to various organizations. Its easy to catch the Christmas feeling when the people around you are doing so many great things.

What helps give you that Christmas feeling? I hope you all have been able to find that speical holiday spirit.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

If you are traveling home for the holidays this weekend have a safe trip!


Stacy said...

I get an amazing Christmas feeling knowing my family will be getting together just to get together. Not because of a wedding or a funeral, but because it's the holidays..a great time to laugh, eat great food, and enjoy stories past and present.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

I think the Christmas spirit has been out in full force...maybe because people are struggling financially and are remembering everything they have to be thankful for? Whatever it is, I love it!

I sent you an email with tons of cookie recipes, btw :O)

Andy said...

I have to accept I have been kind of a Grinch this year. Usually, I'm super excited to do things and cook and help and plan and organise, etc.

This year, it has not been that I haven't been excited, but time has been consumming me, and now I'm on vacation, I'm kind of really excited.

Cameo said...

Oh crap. I just realized something. I sent out my Christmas cards today and I had one written out to you...... without your address!!!! EM me your address please so when it comes back to me I can get it back out to you. Oh shit, I just remembered something else.... I don't think I stamped my return address on it!!!! Man, I'm just a loser all the way around, aren't I?

Auburn Kat said...

My Christmas spirit has been coming and going this year. Somedays I'm really in the Christmas mood and others I'm just not.

Maxie said...
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Maxie said...

So I'm an idiot and I put the wrong comment on your post LOL

I have NO christmas spirit. I just suck this year. I'd rather take my two days off and just SLEEEEEP.

Bah Hummmbug!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Will you pretty please enjoy your days off from work for those of us who aren't taking any time off (other than Christmas day)?!? Thanks much!

Frank said...

My trip home was very nice, minus the part where I had to brave the crowds at Chicago's airport to pick up my brother :( I'd mail you a card, but I don't know where you live. I will address it as follows:

Town by a river

I'm sure the postal authorities will know just what I mean :)

Bayjb said...

I love how upbeat you are about the holidays because you're keeping me in the spirit :) For me, going home is the biggest sign of the holiday season. I cannot wait now that I'm here.

LBluca77 said...

This year I am so getting the Christmas feeling from other bloggers.

I hope you have an amazing Christmas.

Mandy said...

Stacy--I love that feeling too!

Coconut-- I did get the email and made some cookies from it. Thank you! I agree with you about the christmas spirit!

Andy--I am glad that you are getting excited.

Cameo--I will email you my address. I love getting cards in the mail!

Auburn Kat-- I hope it comes and stays.

Maxie--You will find it!

Nilsa--Will do!

Frank--Heck yeah they will.

Babyjb--this is my absolute favorite time of year. I am glad that you are home and getting into the spirit as well.

Lbluca77--I love bloggers. Merry Christmas to you too!