Monday, December 15, 2008

Sometimes I...(Holiday Edition)

Sometimes I think of the perfect gift to give someone after I've already gotten them something. Does anyone else return things before Christmas?

Sometimes I shut out all the lights, put on a classic Christmas cd, looks at the lights on the tree and on the banister while I think about the past year.

Sometimes I decide it would be a good idea to wrap all the presents I have in one sitting, about half way through I remember why I keep so many giftbags on hand.

Sometimes I wrap presents like a 12 year old--not all that neat, with uneven sides.

Sometimes I wrap up in a blanket, drink a mug of hot chocolate and watch kid's Christmas cartoons--How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, seriously classics.

Sometimes I listen to Christmas songs every chance I get--at work, in the car, at home, LOVE them.

Sometimes I judge people based on how many huge holiday themed blowups they have on their front porch, front lawn, and roof. I also wonder how they haven't blown a fuse with string, upon string of lights. We have some very Griswald worthy contenders here.

Sometimes I go see Santa at the mall with my friends and take a picture, just because its fun.

Sometimes I make fun of my friends who haven't finished their shopping yet, even though most years I'm in the same boat. But this year, yeah I'm gloating.

Sometimes I change the lights on the tree from the stationary option to the chasing option because it drives some people in my house crazy and its amusing to watch them get under the tree and try to get all the lights back to the stationary option.

Sometimes I forget that I am supposed to be working, mentally I am already on Christmas break. Perks of working on a college campus -- a two week break!

Sometimes I get so caught up in enjoying all the holiday lights, decorations, and music I lose track of time.

Sometimes I get so excited to bake the Christmas cookies, I forget about plans I had previously made with my friends. Opps, thankfully they didnt mind so much when they had a few cookies.

Sometimes I get so excited to get Christmas cards in the mail I open them before I even get in the house.

Sometimes I am nicer to people and take a few extra seconds to wish them a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or just a nice evening.

Your turn, fill in the blank. Sometimes I.....


Ashley D said...

wonder how I love the holidays so much yet dread shopping for presents.

(really, I love this time of year so much, but I haven't bought one present yet!)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I love the holidays, sometimes I hate them.

Sometimes I want nothing more than to lay around for an entire weekend eating junk food and watching Christmas movies.

Auburn Kat said...

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) when I read your posts I am nodding my head in I am once again with this one!

Andy said...

Sometimes I... Secretly wish we had snow in this latitudes.

MeLaNiE said...

I love this! I'm stealing it :)

Bayjb said...

I totally do a crappy job wrapping too because I get so excited to wrap it and hand it out. I do try to do nice corners though

LBluca77 said...

Sometimes I get really excited to wrap gifts then about 3 presents in I am not having fun anymore.

Sometimes I watch Home Alone 3 times in one weekend.

Sometimes I don't take my Christmas decorations down till mid January.

Anonymous said...

sometimes i do all of these! literally! only i don't work on a college campus. :)

i used to leave my lights up all year round in college. i love the glow.

i also have a christmas tape i got when i was prolly 3 or 4 and i still listen to it almost every night when i go to bed. my husband's gonna loooove that someday. :)

Katie said...

Sometimes I give people the "I only wrap once year lecture, so just be happy I'm giving you something and quite looking at the sloppy sides" lecture.

Okay. I do that one every year.

Jen said...

re-arrange the christmas ornaments because everytime i hold them a memory or fifteen comes back...

Ray said...

sometimes I start baking a metric crap ton of christmas cookies, and then make my husband finish them when I get bored of it. :D

Kristina said...

Sometimes we drive to see the Christmas lights a few times a week. (sometimes we take the dogs because they like it too!)

Sometimes I worry that if I don't get the "right" present people will think I am cheap - not creative.

Sometimes I think there is truly no better feeling than the few days around Christmas.

Little Fish said...

...try to do something nice for needy kids this time of year and end up running all over manhattan lugging heavy bags! (blog post explaination to follow)

Mandy said...

AshleyD--I combated that this year by getting people things they would use not things they may have wanted.

mycynicalpov--laying around eating junk food and watching Christmas movies sounds wonderful!

Auburn Kat--Right back at you! Love your blog!

Andy--WHAT? Please take that back right now!!

Melanie-- Go for it!

Babyjb--I try to do nice corners but usually end up failing.

Lbluca77--I say take them down when you feel like it. Once my aunt left her inside ones up all year, it was quite amusing.

Bigskygirl--college lights in dorm rooms year round are mandatory aren't they? I had purple ones. LOL.

Katie--You give a lecture? Too funny!

Fritz--that is awesome! I love memories attached to things like that.

Ray--hahaha, I do that with my younger cousins sometimes. I call it paying their dues.

Kristina--I love going to look at the lights and totally agree with you about the few days around Christmas.

Little Fish-- What? No hot marines on tap? I hope that means the birthday was a great one!!

chickbug said...

Sometimes I spend over my budget for presents because I get too much "in the spirit".

Sometimes I wonder why people thing have a birthday on Christmas Eve sucks so much. I love it.

Sometimes I still wake up at 5:30am Christmas morning and counts the minutes till I can go downstairs.

Frank said... to drive around the city on Christmas eve, distributing booze to the homeless.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

And all of that is TOTALLY OK!
Whatever makes you happy my dear :)

very cute!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Sometimes I don't do anything at work all day because I'm listening to Christmas music and shopping online for gifts!

Mandy said...

Chickbug--You're birthday is on Christmas Eve! How fun! And I go overboard sometimes too.

Frank--booze to the homeless, thats one way to spread the warm, fuzzy feeling. :-)

Ringleader--I think so too and thanks!

Coconut--I do that too. Motivation is not a word in my vocabulary these days, at least when it comes to work.

michellewoo said...

You're so cute! I'm not nearly as Christmas spirited as you but sometimes I make treats, just because they can be called "holiday treats."

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

From the Jew in the crowd ...

Sometimes I decide it would be a good idea to wrap all the presents I have in one sitting, about half way through I remember ... I have forgotten to mark which gift goes to which person. I then go back and guess, based on the size of the gift, who it is for.

Andy - Instafather said...

Sometimes I forget to buy someone a Christmas present and have to scramble at the last second to avoid looking like an idiot