Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sandy Wanted In On The Charity Challenge Too!

A year and a half ago our family was introduced to am amazing woman who has done incredible work in the area of animal rescue. She has devoted her life to finding homes for abused and surrendered goldens. Judy is the person my mom and I called just a few days after losing our first dog. She listened as we cried, told her the story of how we had gotten the name of her organization, and she was the one who found us Sandy.

Sandy was adopted through the Golden Endings program based in Columbus. Fortunately for us, they also have some great folks who help people in our part of the state who work on behalf of the program. This rescue takes wonderful care of all the dogs in there program. Young, old, abused, neglected, abandoned, or surrendered--they take them all and care for them regardless of their condition. Vet costs for some of the dogs is extraordinary, but Golden Endings does everything in their power to nurse the animals back to health so that they can be adopted out to good homes. The dogs are either in foster care or in a correctional facility program.

When she was a little under a year old, Sandy's original owner lost his job so their family could no longer afford to keep their growing pup. She was surrendered to Golden Endings and then placed in the local correctional facility. Her handler did an outstanding job with her. She was with him 24/7 while he trained her teaching her manners and tricks. He crate trained her and she was housebroken. He sent a letter along with Judy the night we brought her home with us--it was evident how much he cared for Sandy.She spent six months with him. The "prison program" as its called was one of the major deciding factors when we made the decision to adopt another dog. For the price we paid for a full blooded golden that came trained was not all that much more than we would have paid at the country shelter. While I know shelter dogs need homes too, the fact that Sandy was also coming with a clean bill of health and knowing that she had been cared for and loved for the past several months was a huge relief. She's been with our family for over a year and half now. She is spoiled rotten and a dog diva if there ever was one.

When our family received its latest copy of the Golden Endings newsletter, it stated that due in large part to the economy more and more goldens were being surrendered and abandoned. The program took in more dogs in the first ten months of this year than it had in all of last year--and they only take golden retrievers! Can you imagine how many other animals have been left behind? The thought breaks my heart. While our family always make a donation to the organization, this year we wanted to do more. The program usually houses a dozen or so dogs at the local correctional facility and they are in need of things like toys and treats--so thats what we went shopping for; some of Sandy's favorite things -- peanut butter bones, raw hide chews, and rope tug toys.

Its a little way for me to give back to the handlers and the program for all the great things they do with the goldens. Unfortunately when times get hard, a lot of people forget about the animals that need help too.


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Its not too late to get involved! The Charity Challenge runs though the end of the year. If you've posted and I haven't linked it yet to the sidebar, leave me a comment or email me. If you are at a loss of what to do, take a look at what the other bloggers are posting about (on the sidebar) or go to the website Don't Almost Give for other ideas. Little things can make such a huge difference. YOU can make a huge difference.


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Sandy looks so happy, and so well behaved since she isn't digging into all those treats behind her.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

this is so sweet mandy. look at you doing good - AGAIN : )

and thanks so much for the link love, i hope someone gets a loved one a goat this year - heehee

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Sandy is so cute! What a great dog :O)

Katie said...

I already loved your dog, but I am so, so, so happy to know that Sandy is a rescue!!!!

My family has been super involved with Guardian Angel Basset Rescue (for Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio homeless bassets) for as long as I can remember. When I moved to Kentucky, I immediately scoped out Bluegrass Basset Rescue, and without them I wouldn't have my sweet Lucy-dog. Lucy was found wandering in a field in mid-state Kentucky, weighing only 25 lbs (now she's 40) and she was FILTHY. She was under a year old and had already had a littler of puppies (we don't know what happened to them). Sometimes, I just stare at her and just think about what might have happened to her without BBR.

Thank you for choosing a rescue to love! I really think they love their people more. ;)

Andy said...

Hahahahaha... Well, having a great owner... The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Auburn Kat said...

One of the best things about my ex was his kind heart when it came to saving animals. He and I saved a total of 8 kittens, including my youngest and only boy Jon.

GRANTED, before he met me he didn't really like animals but after he spent time with Allie and Spike, my two oldest cats he fell in love with them...

Bayjb said...

What a great dog and picture. I LOVE the antlers

jamie said...

Pretty puppy! :)

Rachel said...

I'm sure I have said this before to you but, good for you for rescuing!

P.S. check your email for my charity pic!

LBluca77 said...

I love how you and your dog are giving back. I wish everyone was like that.

That picture is so cute.

Maris said...

This is such a nice idea, Mandy! I am having a get together this week for a non-profit org, called Drop In & Decorate which encourages groups to get together and donate cookies and then donate them to a local agency. My group is donating to a youth program for homeless children.

Little Fish said...

I have heard of orginizations that pair dogs with inmates for training and I think it is an amazing idea!

That is the cutest picture of Sandy.

MeLaNiE said...

I love that picture! I was going to the store today to get some stuff for my "giving back," but it has been raining so hard that I'm waiting until tomorrow.

Mandy said...

Dutchess -- She is well behaved she didnt tear into the treats behind her because I was holding another one right below the camera.

Alexa-- the goat was a marvelous idea!

Coconut--she is cute isnt she?

Katie--what awesome work your parents do! I am so glad that you rescued Lucy and I agree -- rescues do have a special kind of love.

Andy--if the apple fell off the tree Sandy would eat it.

Auburn Kat--that is awesome that the two of rescued all those cats!

Babyjb--I love the antlers too, unfortunately sometimes Sandy feels differently.

jamie--thank you, thats one of her favorite phrases to hear.

Rachel--THANK YOU for your charity pic!

Lbluca77--The dog program has been hit really hard this year, I wish more people would give back to them as well.

Maris--Drop In and Decorate sounds like a wonderful organization!

Little Fish--the prison program is amazing!

Melanie--Yay! Can't wait to read about it!