Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Recent Thoughts That Have Rolled Through My Head

* When did I become such a sap? Last week after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Meridith Viera, Matt Lauer, and Al Roaker were talking about how right now America needs a parade, they need something to believe in with the economy and the war going on. I may or may not have teared up. I watched a movie -- The Christmas Shoes, again I cried. I also may or may not tear up when I hear the Alabama song "Angels Among Us." Pretty soon I'll be welling up at the very Hallmark commercials my mom gets a little weepy over. The very ones I used to make fun of her for crying over. I used to be rock solid. I wasn't always a sap, I swear!!

* John O'Hurley is a Silver Fox. As is Anderson Cooper.

* I love me some Barry Manilow. I cannot explain the depth of my excitement at receiving his new CD The Greatest Songs of the Eighties yesterday. Don't judge me.

* The housekeeping ladies in the office building where I work are out to get me. Not once but TWICE today, I waited until the absolute late minute to go to the bathroom. Both times the bathroom was closed for cleaning! These trips were like three hours apart. Have you ever tried to run down a flight of steps with your legs crossed and attempt to not have a look of sheer panic on your face? It ain't pretty. Note to self: Cut back on the coffee consumption or go to the bathroom before the seal is about to break.

* Katie wrote an awesome kick ass post about being charitable! You all must go read it. Can I use the words kick ass to describe a post titled Unlimited Loving Kindness? Sure, why not.

* Its kind of ironic that on the way home from work I was listening to Andy Williams croon "Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" to me when some idiot pulled off the entrance ramp right in front of me, causing me to nearly rear end their car. I madly honked and flipped them the bird but refrained from rolling down my window and screaming obscenities. After all, its the most wonderful time of the year. They have Andy Williams to thank for that. Normally I wouldn't have been so nice. Afterward I found the whole situation kind of amusing. Maybe it was one of those you-had-to-be-there kind of moments?

* Did you know that you can make your own muppet at FAO Schwartz? I am really wishing I had planned a holiday trip to NYC for this reason alone. (Well not the only reason -- there is the Rockafeller tree, the Rockettes Christmas show, and some NYC bloggers I want to have a drink with). I even went so far as to call the local travel agency and to get put on their wait list for a weekend bus trip. Little does she know that if two seats open up Big T will be going with me and there will be muppet making. I am not holding my breath though.

How is everyone's week going? Please share some randomness....


Katie said...

The cleaning people in my building are out to get me too! This happens to me a few times a week! And I always end up creeping down the stairs praying my seal doesn't break (Ha ha, I'd never heard that expression before. Love it.)

Thanks for the shoutout. :)

Andy said...

Well, it's going bittersweet.

Bitter because I'm pretty stressed out and because my best friend had a car accident.

Sweet because of many many things.

Up to now, the sweet prevails though.

Mandy said...

Katie--Really, you have never heard that expression? Its like the first rule of drinking--DON'T BREAK THE SEAL, because then you constantly make trips to the bathroom. Hold it. LOL. File that under TMI.

Andy--I am sorry to hear your friend had a car accident, I hope she is ok!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Hahaha, I was laughing out loud envisioning you honking ad giving the finger to that guy while "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" played in the background!

More randomness to come from me tomorrow...

Mandy said...

Coconut--I also laughed out loud in my car, alone like a big dork. But it was pretty funny. Timing is everything. :-)

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

her name is lola, she was a show girl!

Jen said...

ahh well the cleaning people in my building think its funny to not have toilet paper in the one stall that works...that my friend is not pretty! and a muppet, my very own, i am so hopping on the next metro north!

Little Fish said...

*Welcome to sappy-cryville it's not a bad place- trust me. One tip: buy waterproof mascara.

*Anderson Cooper- yum!

*I loved Katie's post too!

*Glad to know the cure for road rage is Andy Williams. Perhaps when people get in trouble for aggressive driving their rehabilitation should be that their radio will only play Andy until they've proven they're cured?

*I love love love the muppets and I wish you'd come to NYC for a holiday visit too. I'm pretty sure there is nothing in the whole world as wonderful as NYC at holiday time.

Trina G. said...

Ohurly and Cooper are hot....and I usually prefer the younger set...hehehe

sappy = getting old. It happens. Nothing you can do about it.

I cried during The Amazing Race Sunday....THE AMAZING RACE!

d said...

While I am being psycho and emo this week, I have no updates to report. BUT the Make Your Own Muppet thing is brilliant.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

OMG I heard Barry Manillow singing the Rick Astely song the other day and I was MORTIFIED for him!

Jess said...

My week is going well, although I keep getting these hang-up calls at odd times that are bugging the shit out of me.

Also, every time I think I've turned into a big sap it turns out I'm PMSing. Just a thought.

Frank said...

Mine's going a lot better now than when it started, although I am kind of hung over. Yes, I did go out drinking on a Tuesday night...because I can.

kc mom said...

OMG--I am Big T. I won't ever allow myself to watch the Hallmark channel b/c it is sure to bring me to hysterical tears!!! I try to leave the room when the commercials come on.......what a loser!!!
I'm with Sissy---I balled over the AR on Sunday!!! I won't even listen to the Christmas Shoes song...that gets immediately turned off!!!
It's quite amazing that my "levels" weren't off somehow??!!
I am not sure what the sappiness is about, but I've got it BAD!!

As for John O'Hurley and Anderson Cooper---HOT--HOT---HOT!!! (Sean Connery too)

Unknown said...

You're cracking me up. I don't like Anderson Cooper though. He's cute, but he just kind of seems smug to me. I don't know....

I DO want my own muppet though!

Auburn Kat said...

I love going to NYC for Christmas time! Then again I love going to NYC at anytime!!!

Bayjb said...

I sometimes like a Silver Fox myself. Anderson Cooper, George Clooney. Hmmmm num. And I love the make your own muppet idea. genius.

LBluca77 said...

I do love me some Anderson Cooper.

I don't think I have any randomness to share. Oh that is just no fun.

Tomorrow I am doing a TMI thursday.

That's all I got.

Ashley D said...

You should definitely come to NY so we could have a drink together!!

Blanket said...

Don't feel bad about yelling obscenities from your car. I alled a cab driver a f*ckin jerk this morning from the back of his cab!

Mandy said...

Alexa--if that song gets stuck on repeat in my head, LOL.

Fritz--no toilet paper isnt something I usually have to worry about. And yes MUPPETS, want.

Little Fish--Apparently Andy Williams DOES make people nicer. Aw man, you could have a muppet with me and Big T!

Sissy--What is this old that you speak of?

d--isnt it? I miss the muppets.

Dutchess--I love Barry regardless, if it weren't for him, my name would have been Heather.

Jess--calls like that are never cool, buy an air horn and blow it into the phone the next time it happens.

Frank--I am so glad things are looking up! I heard you are a WOOOO guy when you've been drinking. LOL.

KCMOM--really amazing race? Never seen it. I agree the song is sad.

RebeccaC--I go purely on eye candy. You want a muppet too? I though I was going to be the only one!

Auburn Kat--I have only been there during christmas time!

Babyjb-- ooohhh George Clooney.

Lbluca77--Looking forward to TMI thursday!

AshleyD--It would be lots of fun. I do need to do that.

Blanket--I never feel bad, well almost never. LOL.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

We've all been *there* with the bathroom emergency! Seems some of us learn our lessons faster than others, though. ha.

Week is good. I'm off to a sewing class on making baby blankets (for all my many friends popping them out)!