Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One More Day

On Thursday I will be wrapping up my first ever Charity Challenge and a Giveaway! Thank you to all of you who have participated, I continue to be inspired by you on an everyday basis.


A few more fellow bloggers who helped out this holiday season:

who shopped for some sports related items for a local charity with her aunt and also donated a few gift cards to Jacob's Stocking . Jacob's Stocking was started as a way for a family to remember their son and brother who passed away due to cancer at a very young age.

Maris gathered a group of friends to participate in Drop in & Decorate, which is a spectacular idea that I hope to be involved with next year! Maris and her friends decorated cookies and donated them to the New York City Ronald McDonald House.

Rachel was also kind enough to share a picture of her daughter Diana with a St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital gift card holder. Part of the proceeds benefit the hospital!


Rachel said...

I wish I'd been following along a little while longer, but from what I've read, you're doing some really incredible things!

Andy said...

Hahahaha... I LOVE Diana's pic.