Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baking, Drinking, and Church...Oh My!

So it was a crazy weekend here, as most last weekends before Christmas usually are. There was a kid sitting, baking, shopping, drinking, birthday partying, and finally unwinding...Let's recap shall we?

* Friday night I watched a friends children. J is 8, he had a friend over and I hardly saw them. They were playing basketball, game cube, and who knows what else they only emerged for food and drink. E is 11 going on 18 and we decided to help her mom get a jump start on baking.

* One of things we made were sugar cookies. I have to be honest, before Friday I had never, ever made cut out cookies and decorated them. Pathetic? No, turns out I do NOT have the patience required for rolling out the dough, using cookie cutters, transferring the dough to the cookie sheet, and decorating them. It just takes too long and I cannot tell you how many little gingerbread men cut outs are down a leg, how many angels have broken wings, and how many reindeer have three legs instead of four.

* Saturday I spent the day with KitchenAid. E came to help me too (for the record, she went home and told her parents she NEEDED a KitchenAid for Christmas). We spent a solid 8 hours and then some baking. Mixing, chopping, slicing, storing, and tripping over an 85lb golden retriever who thought it would be a good idea to stretch out right in the middle of the kitchen floor.

* We made so many various types of cookies it is unreal. I don't even know the names of most of them. Some of them are tried and true favorites (like whoppie pies!) while others we discovered by flipping through the cookbook seeing a picture and saying "Wow that looks really good AND we have the ingredients, lets make that!!" We used at least 12 sticks of butter, a little over 5 pounds of flour, a couple bags of confectioners sugar, a whole bag of chocolate covered peanuts, several bags of chocolate chips, and a whole bag of coconut flakes. It was quite the baking extravaganza.

* After sending E home with a few big platters of cookies, making plates for a few friends and co-workers we still have a freezer full. So if you are in the area you are hereby invited to stop by, have a few cookies a cup of coffee and visit!

* Usually every year baking Christmas cookies requires alcohol. Drunk baking is how I roll. This year since E helped, I put that off until I had safely driven her home (20 points for being a responsible adult right?). Upon arriving home and still having some things I needed to make I downed a bottle of wine, yeah, thats right a whole bottle in an hour. I then decided to start mixing screwdrivers all the while consuming them on a nearly empty stomach (minus the cookie dough and cookies I taste tested). Do you see where this is going?

* I apparently make some bad decisions while under the influence. Like eating shredded mozzarella cheese straight from the bag that was to be used for a covered dish meal my mom had to make tonight. I have no recollection, therefore I cannot be sure it was me. I also decided that I absolutely had to eat a bowl of Rice Krispies and then called my friend to try to convince him that I could hear what the rice krispies were saying to me other than the usual snap, crackle, and pop. I apparently decided it was like reading tea leaves and was telling my friend his future. Seriously, this could be a whole new career path, right? Busting up peanut brittle on a metal pan at 1:30 in the morning also seemed like a good idea, according to my brother, not so much.

* I went to church today. It completely goes against my "I dont go to church policy" and every year when my grandmother asks me I say no. She's on to me and busted out the big guns this year. She sent my grandfather after me. There are very few people in this world that I CANNOT say no to and my grandfather is one of them (and Big T may or may not have used the KitchenAid as a bargaining chip). So at 11:00 this morning my ass was in a cold, hard pew with the rest of my family.

* Churches are like casinos, there are no clocks so you don't know exactly how long you have been there. Trust me, it seemed like it would never end. I regress into a frigidity 12 year old at times like that-- I doodled on the bulletin, giggled when the preacher said "virgin," and got smacked by my mother when she caught me making faces at my 13 and 11 year old cousins even though they totally started it first. I also may or may not have used a few choice swear words before I remembered where I was. Thankfully the rafters didn't come crashing down and lightening didn't strike me dead.

* After church we hit up the grandparents with all the aunts, their husbands, and cousins for my grandpap's birthday lunch with cake and ice cream. It was a lot of togetherness that will continue on Wednesday for our annual Christmas Eve celebration. Note to self--buy more wine, you're going to need it!!

Now, what you've been waiting for! Pictures from the marathon baking event! Can I tell you how in love I am with the KitchenAid? As E would say I heart it! (Note, I forgot to take pictures until about halfway through the day, I started out attempting nice pictures but after a few said eff it and the rest are on the messy counter top or dining room table.)

You wanted pictures right?

So tell me, how was your weekend? Did anyone else have a cookie baking marathon?


NYStateBeauty said...

Okay.. the whole "never cut cookie dough and decorated them" has me boggled!

Every year my friends and I have a Cookie Day! We make dough and decorate cookies! It's great and yes... I'm 25! lol

Happy Holidays!

Kim said...

Third picture - is that oatmeal fudgy bars???? I made those this year for a cookie exchange and they were a HUGE hit (I made two batches) I still want to make one more batch for here.

I'm glad lightning didn't strike you. :)

Rachel said...


*goes off and starts stuffing herself with cookies*

Anonymous said...

Your blog just made my stomach grumble. I am starving and all of that food looks amazing!!!

Katie said...

Wow! Those all look fabulous. I need some sugar now. Maybe I should just start an IV. My mom made English Tofee last night, I am dying to get my hands on some.

HAHAHAHA rice crispy tea/leaf reading. That is so ridiculously awesome. You HAVE to find a way to make a living off that.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Yum! That all looks soooo good!!!

Rice Krispie "reading" sounds awesome. You could be the next Miss Cleo.

Andy said...

Oh My Good.

I am literally drooling.

Frank said...

Oh good lord...when do I get some of these!?

I can bake cookies fairly well, although I'd prefer to sit on my ass eating cookies baked by others :P

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Ooooh girl, just imagine what church is like for me, the Jewish girl. Yet, that's exactly where you'll find me on Wednesday night. With Sweets' family. Though, if I knew sweet goodness like what you baked was waiting for me at home, I might learn how to behave myself. =)

LBluca77 said...

Oh those all look so GOOD!!

Bayjb said...

Wow that is a very busy weekend! All of the baked good looks amazing, that KitchenAid came in very handy :)

brandyismagic said...

Geez. I want one of everything. Okay two of everything.

And drunk baking? Might just be the way to get me to like baking.

Mandy said...

Rosemarie--Actually my mom never had the patience for them either so we just never made them.

Kim--I had to go back to the cookbook to check, but yes they are the oatmeal fudge bars. Easy and delicious! I'm glad about the lightening too, I was really worried about that.

Rachel--I have been eating wayyyy to many cookies.

mycynicalpov--thanks! surprisingly it was all edible too. :-)

Katie-- ohhh, a sugar IV. When I've been drinking I specialize in ridiculously awesome.

Coconut--Miss Cleo! What ever happened to her, didn't she go to jail?

Andy--lol, thanks!

Frank-- you don't like OH remember? If you're nice to me I'll send you some.

Nilsa-- I dont think any amount of sweets could make me behave in church, I'm just not good at it. Good luck on Wednesday night!

Lbluca77--they actually taste good too, I ate so much cookie dough I had a stomach ache.

Babjb--the mixer came in VERY handy. :-)

Brandy--Drunk baking is awesome. It was the only way I enjoyed it for a long time.

Cameo said...

oh how fondly I remember drunk baking (and cooking) days. Ahhhh........

Anyway, to more pressing stuff, GIVE ME THE RECIPE FOR THE ONES THAT LOOK LIKE OREO CAKESTERS!!!!! They look sooooo yummy!

Anna said...

All those desserts look sooo good!!

Little Fish said...

I want to be a nice, supportive friend, but I am so jealous of your KitchenAid that I can barely stand it!

Auburn Kat said...

You forgot one of the mixer!

kc mom said...

Your whole post cracked me up. I laughed and laughed.......I've done WAY TOO many of the drunken stuper calls myself. Infact, Kiersten even has some on video!!?? I've tried to delete them MANY times, but they always end up reappearing!!!! Hope you had a great time at your Grandparents.
PS--The cookies/goodies look amazing----to die for!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i find sugar cookies to be the biggest pain in the ass in the world. and i don't even really like to eat them. i might make them more often if the outcome was actually worth it to me. :)

i love the tea leaf rice krispie thing. hysterical. also, the peanut brittle? if you had the baaaaaaking boooooooards it would all come off in ONE SHEET. :)

i haven't been a big fan of holiday church since my Godsister passed out at midnight mass when we were like 6. no bueno. too many people. God and I chat while i'm drunk baking. ;)

also i totally talked about you in my post that i just wrote. come see what i got. :)