Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sometimes I...

Sometimes I eat peanut butter on a spoon straight from a jar, same goes for ice cream right from the carton.

Sometimes I forget that my beliefs and causes aren’t other peoples and I become disappointed when they aren’t as passionate about something as I am.

Sometimes I forget to add fabric softer to the washing machine which makes my jeans really stiff.

Sometimes my Pandora radio makes me happy because it knows exactly which songs I want to hear, other times they are completely off and I can't bear to listen to them.

Sometimes I don’t want to go to lunch with co-workers, but I go anyway if for no other reason to retain what little social skills I have left (thank you facebook and blogger).

Sometimes I have really great intentions of starting something but lack the desire to follow through. (NaNoWriMo anyone? I have very little written at this point and am not happy with what I have.)

Sometimes I read a post another blogger has written and think “Wow, that sounds like something I could have written” or “Wow, that really strikes a cord with me.”

Sometimes I think its funny when my dog drinks out of the toilet and then licks my grandma.

Sometimes I wish my boss was at a meeting in another building or sick, just so I could have some peace and quiet at work.

Sometimes I think about driving into the sunset and never coming back, stopping in whatever town I run out of gas in and starting over there.

Sometimes I put the toilet paper roll on opposite of what everyone thinks it should be just for the hell of it. (For the record, some people in my house are anal insisting that the paper has to be OVER not under. Me? I’m just happy if someone changes the damn roll.)

Sometimes I treat myself to a pedicure just for the hell of it to have an hour or so of alone time.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find a religion that I am completely comfortable with.

Sometimes I take my dog to a local park, sit on the hood of my car and watch the sunset behind the mountains.

Sometimes I find a song that really speaks to me at that moment or on that day and listen to it over and over.

Sometimes I go to the shooting range because it’s the perfect weather for trap shooting.

Sometimes I watch my friends with children and wonder what kind of mother I would really be, sometimes the thought scares me.

Sometimes I go through old pictures and laugh out loud remembering the stories behind them.

Sometimes I pick up the phone and call a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while, just because.

Sometimes I buy a roll of smarties at the gas station because they were my favorite candy when I was a kid.

Sometimes I open my mouth to say things, without really thinking about what I am saying.

Sometimes I forget how lucky I really am.

Your turn, fill in the blank or make your own post then share with the rest of us. Sometimes I......


Eternal Optimist said...

I am one of those anal people who has to have te t.p. roll over...

Jen said...

i too eat peanut butter/ice cream off a spoon

i really miss the midwest

either love or hate pandora radio

an am just really appreciative that we have tp in the house!

Preachin Patrick said...

I also enjoy eating peanut butter right from the jar!! MMMMMMM Time for a snack....

LBluca77 said...

"Sometimes I think its funny when my dog drinks out of the toilet and then licks my grandma."

I am dying....DYING laughing at that visual.

Andy said...

Oh, you know I love memes. I mean, surveys.

Of course I'll do this...

As a preview...

Sometimes I wonder if I should have said/written what I just said/wrote. And then I say to myself I doesn't really matter. What's done it's done.

Auburn Kat said...

Love, love, love this list!

Sometimes...I wish I had a boyfriend, just so he could go to the store and pick me up some ice cream!

Maxie said...

I ate too packs of smarties today :-)

sometimes I...

don't shower for a whole weekend.

yes, I'm gross.

Ashley D said...

Sometimes I eat chips and salsa for dinner.

Ebony said...

Sometimes I read a blog by someone, and it really speaks to me, and I feel so glad that someone else feels the same way.

Kerri W. said...

I love these posts! I also love when I sit here and think, "Omigosh, me too!" with half the things that are written down.


Little Fish said...

Sometimes I...

Stay out too late on a Thursday night and have no motivation at work on Friday so I spend the day reading blogs and blogging myself :)

Frank said...

Sometimes I skip class to go vote :P

K and/or K said...

Sometimes my Pandora playlist is a soundtrack to my phone conversations to the point that it is spooky!

Mandy said...

Princess-- really, I think its funny that some people are so bothered by it. LOL.

Fritz--Thanks for stopping by the blog. I too, and usually just glad that we have tp in the house.

Antonucci Fam-- its the best right!

Lbluca77--It is funny, I feel bad, but no one corrects the dog either. LOL.

Andy --WOOHOO! Looking forward to reading it!

Auburn Kat -- I usually wish I had one when I need to put air in my tires.

Maxie -- mmmm Smarties, and I do that too if I am not going anywhere.

Ashley D -- makes me want a taco!

Ebony -- I do that too!

Wishcake -- I am thinking of making it a monthly series...

Little Fish -- Lately, no matter what I do Thursday night, I seem to lack motivation on Fridays.

Frank -- that is completely permissible!

Kand/orK -- sometimes its just the right song at the right time!

Bayjb said...

I totally eat out of the container, that's the perk of living alone. Sometimes when I've had a bad day, I eat coffee cake in the dark and enjoy peace and quiet.