Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Weekend

My friends had their their third annual Halloween party over the weekend. Its become a party that we all look forward to and we always have a blast. This one was no different. I kicked my weekend off by ditching work an hour early to hit the road to Columbus. Upon arrival wine started flowing, bags of candy were opened, and scary movies immediately picked out. After a bottle or two or three of wine, we decided we needed to decorate the garage for the party. It basically looked like Halloween threw up because we were too loopy to actually care. In the end it didnt matter, because half of the decorations fell down overnight. Thanks to our massive consumption of cheap wine (read Arbor Mist) we didn't care and some friends who weren't suffering from hangovers arrived on Saturday afternoon to tend to the fallen lights, place the tiki torches, and help with food. After prepping, dressing, napping, and chilling the alcohol the party began!

The best buds in front of the tiki torches.

Around 3am on Saturday morning, we remembered that we had forgotten to make the jello shots. Unfortunately, we had no jello shot cups so had to make do with 4 oz plastic bathroom cups. Freddy Kruger's long finger came in quite handy when it came to getting the jello shot out of the cup.

Drinking games like beer pong and flip cup are always a favorite of ours. For some reason some of us decided to play with some wine. For any of you wondering, this is NOT a good idea. Straight vodka is also not a good idea. Stick with beer people!

The few games of vodka beer pong resulted in really, really bad dancing to classics such as Thriller, The Monster Mash, the Time Warp, and of course the Rocky theme song.

And what party would be complete without some drunk karaoking? The friends have a karaoke game for their Play Station. Alcohol makes us think that we sound just like the actual artists so unfortunately some us decided to belt out favorites like She Bangs (we totally gave William Hung a run for his money, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Build Me Up Buttercup, and for some unknown reason I channeled Tina Turner for a rousing rendition of Proud Mary. I have been told a video clip exists, which frankly, scares the hell out of me.

Somewhere in the wee hours of Sunday morning, most of us ended up like Adam, sleeping where ever we passed out.

Judging from the pictures of the digital cameras we started reviewing yesterday afternoon a great time was had by all. The amount of wine bottles, liquour bottles, and empty beer cans cleaned up suggest that the stocks of the top alcohol distributors should have an awesome week on Wall Street. There may or may not have been someone passed out on a neighbors front lawn for a few hours and chances are pretty good that I (and the majority of my friends) may or may not have been still nursing a hangover today. But really, thats the sign of a successful party right?

I hope you all had great Halloween weekends! There will be more pics on my facebook, if we aren't friends, what are you waiting for?

And yes, I am wearing the ladybug costume I wore last year, the same one I forced my dog to pose for a picture in. Don't judge me, the economy sucks, I refuse to spend $50 on a costume, and I lack the creativity necessary to make a costume. :-)


Andy said...

Sounds like a great time!

I had fun too. Non-alcohol-induced fun.

AND I can't wait for the pictures.

michellewoo said...

Is that..........ARBOR MIST? If so, awesome! I love that stuff. Hahaha.

Kim said...

If there is a video clip - you MUST share it. :)

Auburn Kat said...

OH NO! ARBOR MIST?!? That spells a major hangover!

LBluca77 said...

All drinking games should only be played with beer. That should be the law.

Looks like you had a great halloween.

Trina G. said...

How FUN! You look GREAT by the way!