Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills In A Small Town

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Hi to Mandy's usual readers. My name is ExMi. Well, it isn't really. I blog under a pseudonym, and I'm not about to reveal my identity, just yet. Let me tell you a little about myself.

1. I am from South Africa. I live in the city of Johannesburg. You can read here why I love my country. That being said, my boyfriend and I are currently thinking of immigrating. We're not sure where to, but wanderlust has struck, and we feel the need to spread our wings and fly. Any suggestions on locations?

2. I am 24. I have two degrees. Both in law. I am currently a stay-at-home mommy. My pregnancy was totally unplanned, and it was a seriously expensive mistake, but the biggest thrill of my life. I have a one year old son called 'The Kid' (obviously that's not his real name, but his blog pseudonym) he has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is a perfect mix of myself and The Boyfriend. He definitely won the genetic lottery! The Boyfriend and I had only been dating for 2 months when I found out I was pregnant. So needless to say, this little guy was a huuuge surprise.

3. I am also a mommy blogger. I blog at A Bad Mommy's Blog as well. I love reading about other people's parenting experiences. Reading their 'bad mommy moments'. Knowing I'm not the only one who has dropped her kid on his head, or let him slip in the bath. Knowing that other mommies regularly have melt-downs has been a lifesaver for me.

4. I live with my Boyfriend. It's my first serious relationship. He's also the first person I've lived with other than my parents. I moved out of home, moved cities and fell pregnant a month later. Needless to say my dad was charmed. But, regardless, The Boyfriend and I have been living together for over a year now. And even though we drive each other absolutely fucking crazy, I love him so much. I can picture myself being married to him. (Most days) He's also the first boyfriend I've had that I've never cheated on. I always worried (before I met him) that I'd never be able to get married, because I would cheat. But now that I'm with The Boyfriend, cheating hasn't even crossed my mind. It's strange, isn't it? They say you know when you've found true love. I say you dont know for sure, but you feel pretty certain about that person.

5. Blogging is the only hobby I've managed to stay interested in for longer than a week. I have been blogging for three years now. I have also been taking part in NaBloPoMo - anyone else? I've made some amazing friends through blogging. People that have touched my life, and opened my eyes to a whole new reality. I've been involved in some incredible projects - like the one I'm obsessing about now - this dude I know is riding cross-country, for 12 months, on a velomobile to raise money for charity. Seriously. You should go check it out. It's madness. I've gone from getting no comments on my blog ever, to getting up to 40 comments a day. The way people share in my life, and give advice, and commiserate and congratulate and laugh along with me is just spectacular. I'm not ashamed to say that some of the best friends I have are online.

6. My boyfriend doesn't understand the need to blog. He calls it this 'incessant need to broadcast your life to the world'. And that's what it is. Although he doesn't understand it. Blogging is a form of therapy. A way to keep track of important thoughts and events. A place to vent not-so-important thoughts. A place for me to spew whatever crap is floating around in my head. I've tried to explain the need to blog to him, but I can't. So I have a question for you. If someone asked you why you blogged, what would you say?

7. I was totally inspired by the 2008 US electoral campaigns. Even though I tried my damndest to avoid reading/listening to/watching anything related to US politics, it was inevitable. I was blown away by Obama actually using social networking tools like Twitter and Youtube. I dont know how US politics works, but it was certainly cool to watch history being made. You guys have inspired me to register and vote in the upcoming elections in South Africa. The best thing for me? The way the youth blogged about it/tweeted it. They were passionate, opinionated, and dead sure that this would solve a lot of problems. I loved that.

8. Right. So Tuesday is nearly over in South Africa. It's 5:13 pm as I'm writing this. It's time for me to go make dinner, bath The Kid, and put him to bed. I have had a blast writing on someone else's blog for a change, and I hope ya'll will stop on by mine, and check out Mandy's post!
Okay. So how bout you show me some commentluv now?


Leanne said...

Excellent post ExMi!

I agree with you about blogging. It is a form of therapy. Sometimes you just need to get the thoughts and emotions from the day out somewhere. It's also fun to have a record of exciting things that have happened to you or to look back and see what was going through your mind at a certain period in time.

On a separate note: The Kid is absolutely gorgeous.

ExMi said...

elle bee - thanks for your kind words, i certainly think he's gorgeous too...of course, i made him myself, so i'm biased!

and you're right - the record of events and what's going on in your mind thing - it's cool to look back and see exactly where you've grown, and how things have changed in your life!

and mandy - thanks for having me on your blog!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Your little boy is so cute! And blogging is definitely the cheap alternative to therapy!

Mandy said...

Blogging is totally my therapy. Hands down plus its cheaper! :-)

Mandy said...

Blogging is totally my therapy. Hands down plus its cheaper! :-)

Anonymous said...

When people ask why I blog I tell them because I don't like my current friends.

Just kidding. But seriously I love the community of bloggers .. especially the ones on 20SB. I started out blogging for business on my main blog and created the personal one a little later where I could go and vent about stuff.

JenBun said...

What a fun switch!

That was very cool, getting to learn a little more about someone else.

And your baby is scrumtious, ExMi!!

(Hee hee-- my word verification is "barks." Woof!)

Amanda said...

My bestest friend has been trying to get me to blog for forever... I'm really excited about A Bad Mommy's Blog. That just might be my thing! :0) It was great reading about your story. Thanks for sharing!

Auburn Kat said...

He is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

So now your cyberspace traveling - very cool this swop thing!!

The kid is handsome as ever and you write great as always and I blog cause you bullied me to do it.

But hey all is good in love and war biatch!!!!

kc mom said...

What a great swap you guys did!! Nice way to "meet" other bloggers.
I have an almost two year old son and a sixteen year old daughter. I will definitely be checking out your "bad mommy blog." I had no idea there was a blog like that I could definitely relate too!!!
Your son is absolutely adorable---but, I know you already know that!!!

Cluckhoff said...

ExMi, you rock.