Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charity Challenge and Giveaway Update

The Charity Challenge started a few weeks ago and you my dear bloggers are doing some great things! Here's what some of you have been up to the past few weeks:

Rachel is raising money for the Lupus Foundation. Her sister-in-law deals with this painful disease on a daily basis. In addition to raising money for for this charity, shes also having a giveaway for a free laptop skin.

Andy sponsors a dog and is a monthly godmother to one lucky pooch through the organization ARANI. One of her own dogs is a rescued dog and its a cause very near and dear to her heart. She also posted about a time last year when her class threw a party with food they had made themselves and presents for a group of less fortunate children.

Nikki recently started volunteering with Micah House and was matched up with a family of refugees from Haiti- parents Jocelyn and Fanel and their 3 year old son Jodnel. She is helping them learn Enlgish, babysitting their little boy and just giving them some company as they hardly know anyone in Canada. This will be their first Christmas in Canada, so she took them to the Santa Clause Parade a few weekends ago. They had never seen a parade before and were amazed.

I also need to take a minute and highlight some of the other work Nikki does. She has gone on mission trips to the Dominican Republic and early next year is going to Ethiopia. To help raise money she founded Blogs For A Cause and does great work designing blogs (including mine), the money goes toward her trip with $5 of each blog going to a different charity every month. This month she will be holding both a Blog Design Discount and a Free Blog Giveaway! If you email her to get your blog designed between December 1st and December 7th, she will charge you $20 for your blog makeover- that is $10 off! If you email her between those same dates to purchase a Blogs For a Cause gift certificate for a friend, not only will she charge only $20, but in the spirit of Christmas giving, she will donate $10 to her December Charity of the Month rather than the usual $5. Go visit her site and think about having your blog designed! You won't be sorry, she is super fast and awesome to work with!

posted about teaching her son through her actions. She participated in a shoe box holiday service box program in conjunction with her son's day care. She also submitted a wish to her local radio station on behalf of one of her friends who is a second grade teacher. The teacher teaches in a charter school where many children don't have a lot. Stacy's wish was granted! She was able to go on air and talk about her wish. The radio station responded by giving each child a sweatshirt, hat, mittens, school supplies and also gave the teacher a sizable gift card.

Rebecca's fiancee JiT has spent the past month growing a mustache for Movember, a national program that encourages men to grow a mustache during the month of November to raise awareness and donations for prostate cancer. She helped raise awareness by not only posting about it on her blog, but also enduring his mustache for the month!

Cameo has a few causes very close to her heart and has issued a challenge of her own that I hope you all take a few minutes to read about. Starbucks is donating a percentage of every holiday drink sold to the (RED) campaign. For every picture she receives of bloggers drinking a Starbucks holiday drink, she is going to donate $1 to the Global Orphan Team, a nonprofit who is doing some great work in Guatemala! Its win/win/win -- you get the Starbucks, the (RED) campaign benefits, a donation will be made to the GOT.(And if you visit her page, you may just see some snapshots of me and my friend with our Starbucks, she will add your photos too!)

Little Fish will also be linking to a different charity at the end of all her blog posts between now and the end of the year to highlight various ways to help out.

To read the full posts about any of the charities, click on the links on the sidebar! Bloggers are truly amazing people and are making life easier for others this holiday season. What charity is important to you? Remember you have from now until the end of the year to post about your favorite charity and/or snap a picture of how you're giving back this season to be entered to win The Right Words at the Right Time by Marlo Thomas!

Thank you to all of you who are doing so many fun and wonderful things!


Little Fish said...

I love your charity challenge and it's so great to see so many people doing good. Thanks for posting that picture of Nikki and Jondel- it made me smile because he such a cutie!

Nikki said...

Aww, so great to see all that awesome stuff!

Thanks for posting the info- I will enter you into the raffle!

Andy said...

Awwww.... I think the challenge goes deeper and beyond than just a book giveaway. I'm actually glad I have such strong competitors!!

Katie said...

I'm so glad to see this! I love this challenge. A few years ago my family decided to cut down on the number of gifts we give each other for Christmas and instead give more to charity.

I love it because it makes me research and get involved in issues that I would like to see a change in or that I feel strongly about.

Thank you for the challenge!

Bayjb said...

Wow there is a lot of bloggy charity going on right now. It's so great to read all of this.

Auburn Kat said...

Wow! What great things everyone is doing!

michellewoo said...

This is a great roundup! Very inspiring.

jamie said...

This is pretty inspiring. I wish I had logged in to this idea earlier! Sounds like people are doing soo many great things!!

LBluca77 said...

This post is very inspiring. It is great to see so many people making a difference.

Mandy said...

Little Fish -- it is so neat to see all the different things people do!

Nikki--Thanks! I love a good raffle. :-)

Andy--me too, but a giveaway never hurts either

Katie--what a great idea your family had.

babyjb--there is, and its great!

Auburn Kat--totally!

Michelle Woo--it is, isnt it.

Jamie--its not too late! You have till the end of the year....

Lbluca77--I agree!