Sunday, October 12, 2008

Q&A 1.1

Happy Weekend everyone! Today's questions come from Stacy at Twists and Turns and Andy at Life Isn't So Terrible After All.

Stacy's questions were:
What's your favorite movie and why? Does it remind you of anyone or anything?

What's the most random thing you've done in the past five years...details :)

Do you know any good single guys in Minnesota? (just thought I'd ask..hehehe)

I have many favorite movies: Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Dead Poet's Society, and The Goonies are my top four though. I love the character of Scarlett O'Hara--shes strong, stubborn, and has a killer wardrobe. I love the message of the Wizard of OZ, I really believe there is no place like home. Dead Poet's Society reminds me to seize the day and not to yield to make someone else happy but live life in my own way. As for The Goonies, whats not to like? A story about a group of misfit friends on the adventure of a lifetime with fabulous quotes "Heeeyyyyy yooooouuuu ggggguuuuuyyyyyssss!!!!" is always fun to watch.

I've done many completely random things from having a pumpkin chunking contest with some friends off the dorm roof, to driving over 7 hours with some friends one night because we decided that we wanted to watch the sun come up on the beach, to completely filling a co-workers car with balloons. However I think one of the most random things I have done in the past five years is take up skeet, trap, and target shooting.

Shooting was something I was encouraged to do because its a sport a lot of older, wealthy men take part in (Its been a joke among my family and freinds that my interest in men generally tends to gravitate toward older men, preferably with money and its really not so much of a joke. If you ever want to seriously freak out your friend, tell her that her dad looks hot in a tux). We have a friend of the family who shot registered trap for several years who was teaching his son to shoot and offered to take me, mainly as a dare. I was terrified of guns, had never fired one (other than the orange plastic gun that went with the Duck Hunt game for Nintendo) and never in a million years thought I ever would. Funny thing is, I went to the shooting range and LOVED it. There is a complete satisfaction in squaring up in front of a target, then shooting dead center and in yelling "Pull," finding the clay disc down the barrel of the gun, and watching as the disc completely poofs into nothing but a puff of smoke when directly hit. Since that first time, I have spent many a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at the gun club and now own a few guns of my own. Going shooting was incredibly random but has turned into a fun hobby.

As for knowing any good single guys in Minnesota, I am sorry but no I dont (just to be sure I double checked my myspace and facebook accounts). If any of you reading this know a good single guy in Minnesota, give Stacy a shout out and hook a girl up!

Andy wanted to know:
Does Sandy has a potential dad yet? ;)

The short answer is Sandy already has a dad, my stepfather. LOL. Sandy is a family pet, Big T refers to herself as Sandy's mom, by default that would make my stepdad her dad, I suppose (so I guess that would make me Sandy's sister?).

If you are, like my grandmother, asking in a round about way if I have found myself a man to marry, the answer is no. I am single and very happy to be so. I am fairly set in my ways, am terrified of commitment, and have yet to find my Prince Charming who I am hoping has a large 401K and savings account.

You all gave me some really great questions to answer and I am looking forward to getting to the rest of them in some up coming posts!


Andy said...

Oh teaser. I was so excited you would actually answer my question.

Oh, and the gun thing?

Auburn Kat said...

Yeah, I definitely get scared of commitment too after my last relationship. I almost feel like I don't know how to act around guys that I like so I just avoid guys...I know not the best thing...

Bayjb said...

God I love Gone With the Wind. There's something so romantic about it. Sighhhhh

Mandy said...

Andy -- what do you mean teaser? I did answer the question...LOL. What did you want to know?

Auburn Kat-- I am an avoider as well. Avoiding is good. It works for me.

Babyjb -- yes it is, I need to watch it soon!

MeLaNiE said...

what beach did you drive 7 hours to?? that is really random, but random road trips are the best!

Mandy said...

I love random roadtrips, and it was the Jersey shore. Its one of the closest

jefalk84 said...

then is it really forgiveness? how can you really forgive someone if you can never forget what they did to you?

i love deep discussions. can't you tell?!

Eternal Optimist said...

It's fun to get to know more about you via the questions.....

Stacy said...

I wish I could drive to an ocean beach in 7 hours! That sounds like it was a fun trip :)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Ooh! Can't wait for round 2!