Monday, October 06, 2008

Missing Link

It seems as if scientists are always searching for the missing link. You know, the link that connects us humans to animals. The one creature that possesses characteristics of both. While I think I have gone on a date or two with such creatures. After some recent events, I am convinced the missing link is living right under my roof.

Sandy, she's the missing link! Over a year and half ago when she came to live with us she was a dog. She knew she was a dog, she acted like a dog. She did dog like things -- played fetch occasionally (shes never been a high energy dog), barked at strange noises or people, acted like a guard dog even though in reality she would have rolled over for a belly rub. She came from the prison so she was a morning dog. I could count on her to stick her big mug complete with dog breath in my face before my alarm went off looking at me as if to say "Get up, its time to play." While she never had much interest in a fluffy dog bed, she instead opted for a carpet sample that she was content to sleep on very night.

Well my friends, those days are long gone. With each passing day my dog become less of a dog and more human. Now if you throw a stick for her she will happily trot after it a time or two. Any more than that she starts to roll her eyes at you. After a forth or fifth time, she just lays down and give you a look clearing stating "Go get your own damn stick, you were the stupid one who threw it." Even with lots of prompting and promises of treats you might was well go get the stick or toy yourself. As for barking at strange people or sounds. If you say "Sandy, let 'em know this your house," she might attempt a half hearted bark, but don't count on her to lift up her head or stop what shes doing. Now in the mornings, if you turn the light on where ever she happens to be sleeping she grumbles and hmmpffs. As for sleeping. She now prefers the couch complete with her head on one of the pillows. And if you take one of the pillows, she will fight you for it. She also really enjoys my brothers bed.

She has an attitude, shes a dog diva! She loves to be told she's pretty. If we're shopping in the pet store, out in public or she just hears the word pretty she stretches out her heard, elongates her neck and gives a paw, like shes the queen awaiting your kiss and curtsy. When she wants her chin scratched, instead of doing it herself, she will walk over to you and put her head in your lap. If you dont' respond immediately, she will nudge you and start to whimper. If she thinks she's not getting any attention, she cries a low sorrowful cry and go into a full body wiggle. She loves getting wiped down with fresh scent dog wipes and will carry around her brush in her mouth when she wants brushed. The kicker? Last week she saw me brushing my teeth, then SAT in front of the bathroom closest (and refused to budge)until I finally figured out what she wanted. As soon as I pulled her toothbrush and poultry flavored toothpaste out she laid down, starting beating her tail against the floor and looked at me like I was crazy for not realizing that she wanted HER teeth brushed too. Yeah, I was a few minutes late for work that morning because I didnt factor in time to for brushing the dogs teeth. (She LOVES it!)

We of course all blame her spoiledness on each other. I say its my brother, who talks to her like a baby. He says it my mom who gives into her every whim when it comes to Sandy's kong toy and peanut butter. She says its me who always tells her how pretty she is when I've stuck some crazy headband on her head to get a good picture. Whomevers fault it is, Sandy is clearly more than a dog, shes a full fledged member of the family. And I honestly expect her to start walking upright, on her back two paws any day now.


Little Fish said...

So cute!!

jefalk84 said...

i think dogs are closer to humans than monkeys!

i love dogs! they have such cute personalities.

what industry do you work in?

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Awww! Dogs with personalities are the BEST!

LBluca77 said...

That is hilarious. She is just adorable and full of personality.

MeLaNiE said...

aww she looks like she'd be fun to cuddle with!

Andy said...

God, Luna is just as impossible. Try saying the word "food" around her, she'll jump on you. If you say "bone" she RUNS and stares blankly directly to the place where the bones are kept. If you say cookie, you'll surely end up hurt...

Retrevers are quite something.

Bayjb said...

Aww what a cute dog! I need a dog that's more human than pet.

Auburn Kat said...

Awww!!! My cats definitely have personality too!

Maxie said...

awww cute doggy!!!

my cat is a human. He's smarter than I am.

Mandy said...

Little Fish -- Thanks, isnt she?

Jefalk84 -- Mine certainly is.

Coconut -- she has more personality than she knows what to do with.

LBluca77--Thanks and that she is.

Melanie -- She doesnt tolerate cuddling, she perfers to have the whole couch/bed to herself.

Andy -- Sandy and Luna should have a

Babyjb -- Awww you DO need a dog!

Auburn Kat--I think most cats think they are human as well.

Maxie -- thanks! She is smarter than I am as well.

Katie said...

She is soooo cute!!!

I am entirely convinced that my dog and I are alter-egos, right down to our love for all things sweet and soft sheets. Maybe we were twins in a past life, who knows? But we are certainly the same animal. :)

Happy to stumble across your blog!!!

Trina G. said...

So cute. I love the picture of her laying with her head on the pillow.