Friday, October 17, 2008

May or May Not Have

Woohoo! Its Friday which means I am brain dead and glad to be ttthhhhhiiiiiissssss close to the weekend. Its been a busy week so here is a list of all the things I may or may not have done:

• Made my dog cupcakes for her third birthday, made her wear a silly tiara, bought her presents and made my brother sing Happy Birthday to her via cell phone.

• Watched the final Presidential debate completely sober and made a mental note to never, ever let that happen again.

• Made a midnight Walmart run with my best friend on a week night, while there entertained the fitting room lady who had two teeth with a rendition of “Don’t Go Breaking my Heart” using a lint roller as a microphone. No I wasn’t drunk.

• Wore my underwear inside out one day, not discovering this mistake till mid afternoon, when I was too lazy to do anything about it. This may or may not have occurred after only getting three hours of sleep because I was too busy karaoking with the BFF at Walmart.

• Purposely opened my driver’s side door really hard leaving a big mark on the truck parked next to me in the parking lot. Why would I do something like that? Because the a$$hole parked a mere three inches from the drivers side of my car, forcing me to get in on the passenger side of my car, climb over the middle console and gear shift thingy, and force my body into an unnatural position while doing so. Have you ever seen a fat girl attempt this feat? Let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. He totally deserved it.

• Put a ladybug costume on my dog and forced her take pictures. I may or may not have bribed her with an ungodly amount of treats.

• Actually took the time to make a dinner from scratch for no one other than myself and drank an entire bottle of wine in the process.

What have you done or not done this week?

Oh and quit wondering, sadly those are all true. :-)

Happy Weekend!


Amanda said...

Girl, you crack me up! I don't comment as much as I should... but I definitely do stalk! :0) Thanks for making me laugh this afternoon. Have a GREAT weekend! And Happy Happy Day to Sandy!

Anna said...

That is so awesome that you made your dog cupcakes and had her wear a tiara for her birthday! That is totally something I would do, too! :)

Rachel said...

High five for taking a stand against asshole parkers!

Frank said...

I watched the debate on a muted TV in the gym...and the subtitles were on a 30-45 second delay, which made it really hard to follow.

jamie said...

LOL! I love the fact that you took revenge on the car of the dude next to you! Jerk! :)

Have a lovely weekend.

Auburn Kat said...

LOL, I've done the underwear thing on accident before too!

MeLaNiE said...

ahh I hate it when people park so close! I've been known to leave notes, but maybe I'll just start putting dents in their cars ;)

Wendi said...

I am LOL by myself again - love reading your comical and all-too-true posts!

Stephanie said...

Cupcakes for dogs?! I'm very interested!
Good luck to you too with NaNoWriMo! :)

(Wow. I just used way too many exclamation marks.)

Bayjb said...

Yeah the debates sober is tough. I end up having to watch it on partial mute because I burn out after about 15 minutes and need a 15 minute break

Mandy said...

Amanda -- Always glad to provide a laugh, come say hi more often!

Anna -- yes, I treat my dog like a little child.

Rachel -- Returning your high five!

Frank -- Ohh, I don't think I could have followed that.

Jamie --Something HAD to be done...

Auburn Kat -- we're not the only ones, we're just the only ones who can admit it...LOL

Wendi--I laugh out loud to myself too when I am writing them, which causes my co-workers to think I am crazy.

Stephanie -- I use way too many exclamation points too. As for the cupcakes, they were just yellow cake mix and rainbow sprinkle frosting. We just gave her the cupcake, minus the frosting.

BabyJB -- I am burnt out on this whole election. I will glad when its over. I am tired of all the ads.

Lauren said...

Yes! Having birthday cupcakes and presents is definitely being a good doggy parent. :)

Trina G. said...

i'm waiting for pictures of Sandy at her party.

Jen said...

Ok this is what I wonder.....when we slam our door into the truck that parked too close are we worried that it damages our own car in the process? I say hell no, but my car was free and 10 years old! lol I would have rolled my window down and KEYED it while I was at it!

Katie said...

that whole making-dinner-and-drinking-an-entire-bottle-of-wine thing? welcome to my life, dear!

sounds like you had a good one!!!!