Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hushed October Morning

The rain yesterday morning ruined the plans I had for the day. However, today was a completely different story. I headed up the the fair and Oktoberfest very early to drop off some baked goods and then just spent the next few hours wandering around, alone. While I enjoy spending lots of time with my friends and family, I do enjoy my solitude. Just meandering around outside in the beautiful weather, hot cup of coffee in hand, taking time to be alone with my thoughts. The older I get the more and more I appreciate the beauty of places that are almost right in my back yard.

This is one of the few trees that has changed. Hopefully I can get other great pictures when more trees turn color.

What did you do this weekend?


Princess Pointful said...

I can understand that need for solitude. Random wanderings can be so revitalizing.

xxxx said...

How pretty! The trees by me haven't really started changing yet.

Auburn Kat said...

The area where I grew up in is so beautiful but I never realized it until I moved away to Kansas and Arkansas...that's when I realized the true beauty of the area I grew up in.

The leaves are turning colors here and it reminds me of all of the fall days when I was little playing in the leaves...

Trina G. said...

those pictures look like a calender. So beautiful. I wish we had seasons here.

My weekend had a lot of beer, starting Saturday night and then going to a house party last night. No bad.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I can't wait until all the trees look like that one! It will be here before I know it, I'm sure. My little Westie had a good time rolling in some leaves in the park on Saturday morning.

jefalk84 said...

I'm glad someone else can sympathize with the shoe size problem!

When it comes to living at home vs. moving out I jump back and forth (maybe i'm bipolar!) somedays I get really antsy and feel like I'll die if i don't get out soon and other days I love that i'm close enough with my parents that I can stay at home (not many of my friends have that strong relationship with their parents). I'm torn. LoL.

Thanks. i think she's pretty adorable too! i like to brag about her (if you haven't noticed already!).

Little Fish said...

Wow those pictures are beautiful!! I'm glad you had such a nice Sunday!

Frank said...

I wish I had a back yard. I have a parking lot. There's one tree, but I think it's dead. I have to walk a few blocks to the park to really appreciate the beginning of the fall colours.

I sat around and ate a whole bunch of McDonald's this weekend. It was glorious.

michellewoo said...

Ahhh, changing leaves. I can only experience fall through pictures like these.

Andy said...

God. It ALMOST makes me wish we had Autumn. But then the ice-cold weather comes in, while I'm sipping piƱa coladas at the beach and that's when I realize I'm pretty much on weather's heaven.

What did I do? Mmm... I had the test, I went shopping, I ate like there was not gonna be food ever again...

It was amazing.

LBluca77 said...

Those are great pics. I wish trees in California looked like that. Sadly they are only either green or dead.

Bayjb said...

I love it when the leaves turn color. Sigh, I wish I was at home to watch that happen too.

Mandy said...

Princess Pointful -- I agree!

Swishy -- Only a few around here have as well.

Auburn Kat -- that is a beautiful part of the country.

Sissy -- No seasons in the Pacific NW? Really?

Coconut -- me either! Awww, dogs playing in leaves are so cute.

Jefalk84 -- thanks for stopping by!

Little Fish -- thank you!

Frank -- McDonalds is glorious?

Michellewoo --I would be sad if I couldnt experience fall.

Andy -- please post lots of pictures when I am scraping ice off my windshield bitching.

Lbluca77 -- I don't think I could live in CA.

Babyjb -- Any trips home planned soon?