Wednesday, October 01, 2008


* I was completely sucked into fall tv tonight (Teen Wolf, Private Practice and Lipstick Junlge, oh and checking in on CNN -- GO SENATE!, just in case you were wondering) and completely FAILED on the blog tonight. Hopefully I can have it tomorrow -- all about my small-townness, a word that I adore and came from RebeccaC .

* I have been trying to update my blogroll on the sidebar. If you aren't on there yet and would like added please let me know and I'll be happy to do so! I stumbled across most of your blogs by checking out other bloggers blog rolls, so lets spread the love in a non-STDish way.

* How do you all respond to comments? I usually respond in a comment on my post. I just assume people know that, but remember that saying about how assuming makes an ass out of you and me (ok so thats the only way I could remember how to spell the damn word when I was 7). Sometimes I email the commenter. I know some people don't respond at all, but its important to me. If you take the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment, I like to acknowledge that. Granted sometimes I slack, but I typically try to.

* Twitter is my latest addiction. Facebook is slowly becoming my friend again. I know you really wanted to know that right?

* Tina Fey should replace Sarah Palin on the campaign trail and appear at the debate tomorrow night. I'm not the only one who feels that way.

* This weekend is going to kick ass. Oglebay Fest. Ohio County Fair. Beer drinking with friends. Oh and did I mention I am entering some baked goods in the fair? And this year, I'll be using the stove as well as the microwave.

* October is going to ROCK!! Again...I'm not the only one who thinks so.

* Anything I didn't cover? How is your week going?


Maxie said...

Thanks for the shoutout! October is obviously going to be amazing

Have fun at's really pretty there!

Cameo said...

I don't usually reply to comments unless there is a specific question. And comments are usually left only by my family. I do like how you reply to them though. Pretty cool idea. But it only works if you subscribe to the comments or go back to read them.

Teen Wolf? Really? You watched the movie? Or is there a "new" tv show on that is based on the movie?

October. Hmmmm. Here it just rains and the rain starts tomorrow. It gets old very fast. Plus it's my grandpa's bday on the 9th so that's always sad. However, this Halloween we'll have Valentina to take trick or treating!!!! HOW WONDEFUL!!!!!! Oh how I ached to do that with her last year.

Andy said...

Call me a busybody, but I was also watching CNN and the whole Senate thing.

I personally find amazing how politicians can set aside their differences and see that they should act together to make the coutry progress. That's something you almost never see here, mainly because it's not a democrats/republican opposition but extreme right/extreme left...

Bayjb said...

If Tina Fey went in lieu of the real Sarah Palin for the debate, I would freak out with excitement.

Facebook needs to become my better friend too. We're fighting right now.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I always respond to comments, too. I think I post more on my own blog than anyone else.

Gearing up for the debate tonight??

Little Fish said...

Teen Wolf?

The Alleged Ringleader said...

Ohh I so can't wait to go home and watch Lipstick Jungle tonight! I have it DVR'd...have a lot to catch up on!

Mandy said...

Maxie -- Thanks! I love Oglebay!

Cameo -- Teen Wolf the movie, circa 1985. God I loved 80's movies.....It will be lots of fun to take both kids trick or treating, lots of pics please!

Andy -- well they try, there is a lot of their own interests involved as well.

Babyjb-- Wouldnt that be the greatest! I am looking forward to SNL now!

Coconut-- I feel that way too. Yes, debates were awesome, do you have twitter? You missed a fun Palin bingo!

Little Fish -- yes Teen Wolf, Michael J Fox, the 80's were such a good times for movies -- The Goonies is another favorite of mine.

Alleged Ringleader -- I LOVE Lipstick Jungle hope you enjoyed it!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I am terrible, terrible, terrible comment responder. If I have a question I'll usually shoot out an email, but one one particular post I get a TON of questions, I'll just write up a whole nother post responding. But if your comment is a statement, I usually just send a telepathic thanks and be done with it.

Auburn Kat said...

I need to watch this past weeks episode of Lipstick Jungle!!! Maybe tomorrow night...