Thursday, September 18, 2008


Perfect weather for a perfect weekend! This weekend my brother and I are headed to Columbus to visit our friends. There will be debauchery and mayhem. With weather that nice, it just can’t be helped. Like one last hurrah for summer.

The four of us all have tickets to the Ohio State game and as mandated in the book of life, when more than two people have tickets to the game, there must be tailgating. Right!?! It’s a noon game so we will be waking up at the crack of dawn, or earlier (since I am not really a morning person I have no idea what time dawn really is) and making our way to the stadium. Well, really the parking lot and hoping we can stumble to the stadium is more like it. Eggs, sausage, and bacon will be served. Drinks will be had. Cornhole will be played. Buckeye necklaces will be worn.

I had a conversation this afternoon with my mom that yes, screw drivers are completely appropriate at 7am because they have orange juice in them. What’s more breakfasty that early in the morning than OJ? Although I am guessing Bud Light will go nicely with eggs and sausage too. Of course screwdrivers and Bud Light will inevitably lead to fun, random drunk pictures with each other, other unfortunate tailgaters who happen to be in our vicinity and probably a Brutus or Two. If you are my friend on MySpace or Facebook I apologize in advance.

We plan on fully enjoying the day and partaking in all the fun OSU traditions that make game day exciting, especially with a group. You aren’t from Ohio so you have no idea what those fun traditions are? Ok, ok…. Here you go (and yes, they all came from the same site)…

Skull Session

Ramp Entrance

Script Ohio

Dotting the “I”

Hang on Sloopy

Block O

Are there any fun tailgating tips I need to know about before I head to the capital city for the weekend? What are your favorite college football team traditions?


Kim said...

I'm SO FREAKIN' JEALOUS!!!! Have one for me.... :)

Skull Session - I think that's my favorite. Probably because I'm a band geek. :)

But - Script Ohio....sigh....

I heart Ohio State Football traditions. :)

Bayjb said...

We're going to have great weekend weather here too! Sadly it's a Badger-off weekend but that's okay! Have fun and don't get too much sun, but do drink too much beer :)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

So jealous! I love college football taligating. I went to IU, so lots of good times! Have fun!

chickbug said...

I'm so excited to just WATCH football this I'm jealous you are going to a game. Have fun! Tailgating is the best! I went to University of Miami and will be a loyal Cane fan for life.

Auburn Kat said...

I've been to a couple of Ohio State games...they are a blast! Have fun!

Mandy said...

Kim -- I will definitely have one for you!

BabyJb -- is there such thing as too much beer?

Coconut -- I went to a smaller school, but I do love me some OSU tailgating!

Chickbug -- I enjoy watching too!

Auburn Kat -- I agree they are a blast!

Maxie said...

Booooooooooo Ohio State!!!

Sorry-- its my duty as a mountaineer, lol

Unknown said...

Have fun tailgating. I've not done that in a long time! Go Buckeyes (right up until they play the Hoosiers and then I just ship).

Mandy said...

Maxie -- I've been to a few mountaineer games, we can share a loathing for Michigan together.

RebeccaC -- Thanks! Move to OH, tailgating at OSU games is fun!

Cameo said...

So, let me get this straight, you have tickets to a football game, right? I mean, it is football, right? And it's in the afternoon? So what is the point to get there early and eat food in the parking lot that you've had to cook? Why not just sleep in and go have lunch before the game at a restaurant? Sorry, I don't get sports. Have fun!