Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quirky Meme

One of my Chicago blogger buddies Jessica tagged me for a "quirky" meme last week. Then over the weekend I was also tagged by Rachel and Andy. So lucky you, you get to learn more about me than you probably ever wanted to know. Oh and don't worry, I'm only doing six not eighteen. And remember those Bud Lights that I hoped to partake in? Yeah, I'm totally blogging under the influence here...

Link to the person who tagged you
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There are the rules, so away we go!

* I have to set six alarms before I even think about getting out of bed in the mornings. I am not in any way shape or form a morning person. Most mornings I don't even hear the first two alarms. The third and forth alarms actually wake me and by the sixth I am almost conscious. Then I hit the snooze countless times.

* I had casts on my legs for most of my first year of life. Both of my feet were deformed and my ankles turned inward. Instead of doing surgery I had casts put on when I was two months old and then every three or four weeks had them changed until my feel and ankles were "normal." Then it was discovered my hip bone wasn't fully in the socket so I had to wear a plastic brace for another few months to correct that. So basically, I was a hot mess from birth.

* Like Jessica, I read the ends of books before I begin or just after I've read the first few chapters. I hate surprises and like to know whats going to happen. It drives my friends and family nuts. If the book is part of a series, I google until I find a decent synopsis of the last or latest book out to find out if I want to read the entire series. While some insists I "spoil" the endings for myself, I beg to differ.

* If my socks are the same color I don't care if they are the same style or height. My pants are long enough to cover them up and I don't have the time or energy in the morning to find the proper mates to socks. I typically just dump them all in a drawer because I am too lazy to match them up. As long as two of them are tan, I'm good with that. Two black socks one ribbed, one not--yeah I am good with that too. Because really, no one is going to no the difference....well except all of you. I promise if I ever meet any of you in real life, I'll make sure my socks match.

* I am beyond terrified to drive in down pouring rain. Last year I drove my car down a street that had flash flooded. The water didn't look that deep and other cars were driving thru it. As I passed a storm drain there was a big wooosh and my car was ruined (well not really ruined, but it was going to need much more money than I was willing to put into after an initial $3000 and a new engine). I am ok driving in just drizzles but if its a hard down pour, my heart races and I panic. Water hitting or splashing up underneath the car sends me over the edge. I will even take a longer way home so as to avoid places I know the water lays.

* I love, love, love coffee and basically cannot function without it. However, it has to be hot. No frozen lattes, cold espresso or coffee ice cream for this girl. If its got coffee in it, it has to be hot. Even when its 90 degrees outside. I am not sure why this is, but cold coffee flavored things literally make me gag. Tea is ok cold, but not coffee.

As far as tagging..... how about Wishcake, Little Fish, Jill, Trina, Cameo and Beya.


Andy said...

1. I forgot that one! I am not able to DISCONNECT the alarm (not just snooze) being sleepy.

2. Ouch! My sister has a friend who was born with spina bifida, and all his summers are spent in bed with casts in his legs because he has surgerys all the summers.

3. Me too! I TOTALLY do that.

4. Mmmm, my socks are all the same. That gives me an advantage.

5. I am terrified to drive. Period.

6. Mmmm... I love cold coffee. Sorry on that one.

sarah said...

I hate wearing socks, but if I have to (ie, winter) I don't even care if they're the same colour. Hellllooo, pants were made long for a reason!! :P

and I'm kinda scared to drive, but I'm thinking that more stems from the fact that I've driven ONCE in my life...I AM looking forward to hopefully getting my license this year though! :)

Trina G. said...

I'm cracking up. My sister reads the end of all her books too. It drives me crazy and it shouldn't, she's the one reading it, but STILL!!! She finds tv spoilers online and that drives me crazy too....why watch if you know whats going to happen????

The sock thing is making me cringe...don't they feel different on your feet??? I need to change your name from Mandy from Ohio, to Mandy the crazy girl:)

I though about you while watching football this weekend, and hope you and you mom had a great time together at Wicked.

Frank said...

Whew, I dodged a bullet there!

I always get tagged in meme's and I either never get around to doing them, or I'll do them, like, 6 months after I get tagged.

MeLaNiE said...

so Andy tagged me & I am still thinking...but I will do this soon! I love it about the socks & I totally agree because if they want to look then let them ;) I also will read the ends of the book first or especially if something good is happening in the middle, then I go read the end :)

Little Fish said...

Six alarms!! Damn!

Maxie said...

I'm terrified to drive in the rain too. I hate pulling off the road too, so I'm kind of screwed if it starts pouring.

Mandy said...

Andy -- you were supposed to have a kick ass car by now!

Sarah -- I am usually barefoot too.

Sissy -- I LIKE knowing the ending, really. And no it doesnt feel different, I dont really pay attention to things like that. LOL.

Frank -- you were totally on my tag list, but Andy beat me to it.

Melanie -- I'm looking forward to yours!

Little Fish -- yes six, and thats on a good day...if I've gone out the night before, it takes more than that.

Maxie -- I agree, pulling over is just as scary!!

Eternal Optimist said...

So cool to learn more about you!

Auburn Kat said...

I'm with you on the socks and alarm clocks!