Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I thought.....

I thought I would be excited for the day when I saw a woman’s name as a serious nomination for the president or vice president. But I’m not. I’ve always been incredibly liberal, I thought it wouldn’t matter, that just seeing a woman’s name on the ballot even as a Republican would be incredibly inspiring and moving. But it does matter. I thought just knowing that women had made it so far in shattering the glass ceiling, breaking through, and finally having their name placed among men’s names would be enough. But it’s not. I thought I would feel a strong sense of pride about being a woman during this election. But I don’t.


chickbug said...

we have come along way in this presidential campaign. regardless of tactics or strategy, women and minorities have made an impact. i know it's easy to get frustrated. but we should be proud of this historic matter what the outcome.

Kim said...

Oh no - I thought you really were my virtual twin...I guess not. :)

I am BEYOND excited about Palin being on the ticket - but then again - I agree with her on most of the issues.


Mandy said...

Chicbug -- Thanks you are 100% totally right! Thanks and no matter what the outcome I knew that it was histsoric when I was able to vote in the primary and see both a woman and an African Americans name on the ticket.

Kim-- even twins have different opinions occassionally. LOL. Did you see the picture of Bristol Palin wearing an OSU sweatshirt?

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I'll probably get some flack for this, but what the hell. Sarah Palin is fucking crazy. She waited 12 hours to get to a hospital after her water broke, when she new her sonwas going to be born with Down Syndrome! That spells crazy to me.

The fact that her daughter is pregnant tells me her abstinence-only sex ed doesn't work. Her daughter was obviously not taught that if you are going to have sex, be prepared with condoms.

She is the opposite of a feminist!

Mandy said...

Coconut -- no flack here, we're all adults and all opinions will be respected. I agree she is the opposite of a feminist!

Andy said...

Well, I think it's been quite a circus with Palin. I mean, what's the need to expose her personal life?? It has nothing to do wth her job or anything.

Especially her daughter. I could say I'm watching E! news instead of CNN everytime they talk about her.

Nikki said...

I agree. Not a huge fan at all. Not that my opinion really matters since i don't live in the states though :)

Little Fish said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

sarah said...

I REALLY want to comment on coconuts comment, but no flack, right?

besides, i don't even know why I care - don't live in the states in the first place!

PS: When I first read it, my reaction was "why?" so, Mandy, Why don't you?

Mandy said...

Andy -- I agree.

Nikki -- its interesting to hear other people's opinions.

Little Fish -- thanks!

Sarah -- Why? I completely disagree with her platform. Her lack of experience scares me. Her wanting to ban books from the library scares me. Her position on abortion scares me. Her speech scared me. I could really write an entire post on it, but perhaps another day.

Trina G. said...

I have been watching the Republican convention, trying to be open minded and learn about other party's convictions. Does it seem to you that it has been depressing???? Hopeless? Negative???

I watched the speech last night.
I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I don't care about her personal life. I was a bit nervous for her with all the flack she has taken. About 2 minutes into the speech, I realized that she is pretty arrogant, self serving and ignorant. ( I know, tell you how I really feel?) Did you know that she only got a passport 5 months ago???? Foreign experience is what McCains issue is with Obama...and she has left the states ONCE????Who are they kidding???? SCARY!!!

Ok, can you tell I'm an Obama fan???? I needed to be convinced. After the convention I was sold. I do have reservations about what can actually be done about the improvement of our country, but I have hope in this party. If it goes the other way....I feel my child and our country is doomed.

Thank you for letting me rant. I have yet to post my opinions, but you have inspired me. If we don't get involved, then we have no reason to gripe.

Thanks Mandy from Ohio:)

Trina G. said... mistake, she's had her passport for 1 year....and left the country once.

Mandy said...

Sissy -- I agree with you and agree, I have to hope and for me thats what Obama gives me.

Rachel said...

She is a dynamic speaker, but that doesn't make some ready for the big house.

On another note (not that this belongs in politics) but how wrong is it that the teenage boyfriend gets reward for knocking up his girlfriend??

Bayjb said...

I agree, I don't have the feelings of pride that I thought I would too. And just because a woman is in the election, it would be nice to know I would give her my vote, but I can't here.