Sunday, September 21, 2008

How Firm Thy Friendship

Summer's heat and Winter's cold,
The season pass, the years will roll;
Time and change will surely show
How firm thy friendship -- O-hi-o.

~Carmen Ohio


Kim said...

At least you were there for a winning game!! :)

Andy said...


I went to to check on the results and... TARAAA! They won.

Cherrie said...

I found your blog from Jill's and have enjoyed reading for a while. Your picture made me delurk.


My 9 year old son wants to play soccer for the Buckeyes. My husband was able to get them tickets for the Ohio U game a couple of weeks ago. I had taken him to a Steeler game and we sat in the $185 club east seats...he was much more excite about going to the OS game!!

Last weekend we bought OS Scarlett and OS gray paint for his new room...have to order the fat head for the wall and all the bedding!!

Cherrie (In PA)

Cherrie said...

Forgot to add to the previous post...

Terrell Pryor is from about 30 miles from here!!


Beya said...

Oh, you look like you are having so much fun!!!! You look so cute!!!!

Bayjb said...

Glad you guys had fun, looks like an awesome time!

Mandy said...

Kim-- it was a very fun game and yes, everyone was happy that we won!

Andy -- Thats awesome that you checked espn..LOL. It was a lot of fun.

Cherrie -- Thanks for stopping by and delurking. Ohio State games are always a great time.

Beya -- Thanks it was!

BabyJB -- It was an awesome time!

Trina G. said...

Love it:)