Sunday, September 07, 2008

HELP! I Need Somebody!

More specifically I need someone to come and organize our pantry. See those?

That would be our pantry. We actually have a really nice walk in pantry, but the only problem....its a hot mess. I've gotten on to the whole cooking and baking thing, its fun and sometimes, its even relaxing (yeah, never in a million years thought I would say that!). What I dislike however is our pantry and I haven't gotten up the courage to take everything out and reorganize. Honestly, I don't even know where to start. We have flour and brown sugar in ziplock freezer backs because there is something else in the tupperware canisters. Cans of veggies and fruits are perched precariously on the edge in front of random objects because that's where they fit. Rouge condiments are shoved behind jello boxes and we honestly have enough spaghetti sauce to survive a nuclear holocaust. HUGE. MESS.

I hit the breaking point tonight when I was making a casserole for tomorrow nights dinner....I had to go to the store not once, but twice to buy ingredients I thought were in the pantry but I grew tired of searching/dropping/cussing my way through the damn thing, and just gave up. Seriously, it was easier for me to go to the store and find them than in my own pantry. Its got to stop. I need an organized pantry. I need certain things on hand as staples so I am not running to the store every time I decide to whip something up. I'm still a newbie though so I have no idea how or what I need....

That my dear friends is where you come in! How are your pantry's organized? What things do you ALWAYS have on hand and do you consider staples? Do I just take everything out and start fresh? Help!!

Oh and on another note, these are the banana chocolate chip muffins I made early last week!

Oh, and if you happen to know my mom in real life and run into somewhere...don't tell her I posted pics of our pantry, she would skin me alive! Ok? Thanks!


Andy said...


Pantry organizing is the most tiring chore you'll ever live through. My dad (not my mom, my dad) spends hours and hours every 2 months or so organizing our pantries.

My advice is, TAKE EVERYTHING OUT, see what's expired and throw it away, and then start organizing.

Put similar products together, for example, the canned products. Separate tunas from vegetables, and put them on piles.
Put sugar, and flour near (because you need them both for baking).
All the sauces (soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce) together as well...

It is all a matter of similarities.

A last advice, put in front what's next to be expired. That way you'll consume it instead of tossing it away.

Again, GOOD LUCK! I know it's a painful job, but at the end, you'll see you'll save LOTS of time when you're preparing something.

Cameo said...

I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with your pantry. It looks like my cupboards would look..... if my husband weren't so OCD in keeping it organized. Argh! I can find things better when it's a disorganized mess!

Jill said...

I would research on Martha Stewart's site and the like... some of them print a list of things that you should have "on hand" at all times... do not go buy containers until you sort all of it... I tend to do that and buy containers I don't need and find I need a different kind.... pick a day, and just do it... you will do great!

looking forward to seeing an after shot!


Rachel said...

Hon, it's still better then mine, so obviously I can't help you!

Oh and your last sentence confused me for a second "Why would I be upset if she posts pic of her pantry?....oh....."

chickbug said...

just looking at all of this makes me hungry! must be time for lunch.

Mandy said...

Andy -- thanks! I need to get on that.

Cameo-- think he would come organize my kitchen?

Jill -- Great idea! I LOVE Google!

Rachel -- I didn't even think of that as I was typing the sentance, but it is funny! LOL.

chickbug -- I couldnt agree more!

Little Fish said...

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MeLaNiE said...

this cracked me up! Can we have the recipe for the muffins?!?