Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wishing on Stars

As children and young teenagers, a friend and I would spend countless evenings out in the back yard waiting and watching for a star to magically shoot against the darkness. Sometimes we would lie down in the field behind her house. The cool, dewy grass tickling the sides of our cheeks while we laid there gazing up at the stars different shades of whites, pale pinks, even a faint trace of blue against the black velvet sky. Other times we would be at my house, lying with our backs on the picnic table, legs dangling over the side.

While watching the sky in hopeful anticipation we would see a shooting star that night, we whispered secrets, made pacts, and pinkie swore we would never tell or forget each one. Sometimes we would see a shooting star falling downward or sometimes shooting straight across, make a wish and wait for it to come true. More often than not, we would fall asleep waiting or the cool summer nighttime air forced us back inside.

There was something magical about watching the stars, waiting and hoping that we would see one to cast a wish upon and that maybe, just maybe, our wish would come true. We wished for everything from money, to boys, to who knows what else.

Now even as adults, when we are sitting around the dying embers of a fire or at the lake sitting outside watching the night get darkest before giving way to the first rays of morning, we still tilt our heads to the sky to watch for shooting stars. While we may not admit to wishing on one, those wishes are still there, unspoken and from the deepest part of our hearts. Its something we’ve never outgrown and I doubt we ever will. Perhaps its the dreamer in us. The part of us that remembers lying in the field or on the picnic table, giggling, whispering, and throwing our deepest desires up into the night sky.

When was the last time you wished on a shooting star?


MeLaNiE said...

I can't tell you the last time I've seen a shooting star! I might just have to look for one tonight, except it's raining here. I remember several times getting up in the middle of the night for the meteor showers! Oh Summertime :)

I am leaving Friday...and am starting to feel the stress of procrastination! ;)

Unknown said...

Wow...that brings back memories. We used to spend a week each summer at a friend's lakehouse in Michigan...right around the time of a meteor shower that takes place annually (I think) in August. So, we'd set our alarms and wake up at 3am to watch the shooting stars.

Come to think of it..everyone would set their alarms but only my mom and I ever actually got up to watch them. Its a nice memory. ; )

Andy said...

Shooting stars... Mmmmm... It was a LONG time ago since I saw one... But sometimes I look at the sky hoping for one of them...

Bayjb said...

I have to admit, I've never seen a shooting star or wished on one but you're right that there is something soothing about looking up the stars and feeling hopeful. Love it.

Trina G. said...

Since I live in the city, I rarely see stars, let alone falling stars.

When I go to goldendale, the sky is pitch black and the stars look like a blanket, they are so thick. It's a treat, and I do wish on falling stars. My wish everytime is that Asa doesn't fall in love with a floozie.....

Maxie said...

When I went to the OBX last month I went to bed early and my friends saw a ton of shooting stars-- I was really depressed that I missed them, but then the next night I caught one-- and I definitely made a wish.

Mandy said...

Melanie -- Procrastination is a beautiful thing.

RebeccaC -- Stars are always brighter at the lake.

Andy -- me too!

Babyjb -- Never?

Sissy -- No stars? No good.

Maxie -- OBX, is great for star watching too!