Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Why Me Wednesday

I woke up cranky today. Unfortunately, my day has basically gone to from a I’m-tired-and-bitchy mood to a no-amount-of-caffeine-can-make-my-day-better-its-going-to-require-something-much-stronger tone. So instead of taking the steps to fix it, I decide to whine and blog about it. Care to join me for the first (and hopefully only) Why Me Wednesday? Come on, you know you want to…….

• Over the weekend I drank a few too many beers and decided to dye my hair. Drunk hair dying should never, under any circumstance be done. The end result was a bright red, purple (more emphasis on the purple) shade. Apparently, I was too inebriated to notice that I had grabbed two different shades of color and mixed them. I had re-dye my hair last night in an attempt to tone down the shade that made me look like the product of a Ronald McDonald/Barney affair. Now I am rocking the Morticia Adams with a slight tinge of red look.

• While we are on the subject of beer…..its probably never a good idea to randomly walk thru the grocery store and buy a beer solely because it reminds you of a song. Case in point – The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald. If consumed in massive quantities, you will feel like you were onboard the ship when you wake up the next morning and leave you wishing you had gone down with the ship too.

• This morning, while making my mad dash to work (because I decided to catch another half hour of shut eye) I was channeling Dale Earnhardt, Jr. when I got behind a driver who decided to slam on their brakes coming to a complete stop, while on an entrance ramp, instead of merging. This resulted in me nearly nailing their bumper and pulling a death defying stunt where I merge into traffic around them in front of a tractor trailer while simultaneously flipping off and yelling obscenities at the driver of the stopped car. Thankfully I lived to tell about it.

• Now while converting an excel spreadsheet (a 350 worksheet excel spreadsheet) into a word document, ONE. WORKSHEET. AT. A. TIME. Word decides its going to switch the language of the spellcheck from English to French. AND. NOT. SWITCH. IT. BACK. Its automatically switching my spelling of “energy” to “engerie” which is highly annoying.

• I also found out this morning I will be spending my evening with someone I have absolutely no desire to spend the evening with.

What about you, do you have any “Why Me?” moments you care to share with blogland today?


chickbug said...

oh no! i hope your day/week gets better. sending you good vibes.

Bayjb said...

Ugh I hate those days when no matter what, your day will still suck. Wow drunk hair dying? I've never done that, only "revenge hair dying." Need to see pictures!!

MeLaNiE said...

Don't you just want to crawl up in a ball and go to bed?!? I hope your day has gotten better!! I want to see pictures of your hair!

Andy said...

"engerie"?!?! Maybe "énergie". That toally makes sense because énergie is the French for energy.

And yes, I had a WHY ME moment today. I can't do any running or dancing until at least next Monday and afterwards I will have to run MODERATELY and no dance until like a month or so. Why me??

Jamie Lovely said...

I got $120 ticket for not having my city sticker on my car the day before I was going to buy a new one.


Mandy said...

Chickbug -- Thanks, I hope the week gets better too.

Babyjb--I didn't even think to take pics of the red/purple hued hair, in sunlight, one needed sunglasses though.

Melanie--I am getting ready to crawl into bed any moment. There may be pics by the weekend.

Andy--yes it was energie with accent, I dont know how to get the accent to show up..LOL. No dancing sucks!

Jamie Lovely -- $120 for a city sticker? I agree...UGH